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Getting Healthy for 2023

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Last year, I set the goal of getting healthy. As a result, I shared some healthy recipes and ideas. Since we are now starting off 2023, I thought it would be helpful to compile my stuff from 2022 in one place for those of you who want to be getting healthy in 2023.

To begin your getting healthy for 2023 journey. I suggest you look and my post for healthy breakfast ideas and healthy lunch ideas. This includes products and foods that are great to use for these meals. The products that you choose to use can make a big difference. I tend to go for convenience when it comes to my breakfasts and lunches.

Next up is recipes. The leftovers work great for lunches too. No for my health journey, I did decide to use the Weight Watchers program. Many of these recipes do include links to figure out the points for Weight Watchers. However, this recipes are just all around healthy and will be great to make even if you aren’t following the Weight Watchers program. I have enough recipes to fill a month worth of dinners. There are 30 main dish recipes.







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