Top Nine of 2019 from Instagram

Top Nine of 2019 from Instagram |
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Happy New Year, here is the top nine of 2019 from my Instagram feed. Usually the recipe posts beat out all of my personal life posts. However, this year 3 of my personal posts made my top nine.

Top Nine of 2019 from Instagram |

Top Nine of 2019

First, post is about my 25 year wedding anniversary. It feels like it’s been forever but it also seems like it was just yesterday.

Second, was for one I shared after we lost my dad at the end of May to his battle with pancreatic cancer. It has been one of the hardest things I have gone through in my life.

Third, is for a breakfast post for a easy breakfast skillet recipe. This recipe also made my top breakfasts from 2019 too.

Forth, is a picture for one of my Costco loves. It’s seasonal item and I’m hoping it comes back around in 2020 to Costco.

Fifth, is a recipe on the blog for chicken tacos made in the Instant Pot. It would be the perfect recipe to start off with if you got a new Instant Pot for Christmas.

Sixth, is for a flashback blog post. It is an update of the photo for my famous marshmallow brownies. One of my secrets is they begin with a box brownie mix but you top them with marshmallows and homemade frosting.

Seventh, is a picture for a copy cat version Panera’s cheesy broccoli soup. This is a recipe that is also made in the Instant Pot.

Eighth, is a recipe for some delicious crepes filled with strawberries and cream. They are for Valentine’s Day. Keep this one handy for when February rolls around.

And last of all, is a post I for red, white, and blue recipes for the 4th of July. It was a great year and I look forward to the new year.

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