Healthy Recipes for 2011

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Today, I decided to compile a collection of healthy recipes for 2011 for you from my archives.   I am sure many of you have the resolution to eat healthier in 2011.  This collection should help you out.  Some are recipes I used while doing weight watchers years ago.  You can make many recipes healthier just by changing the type of bread or tortillas you use in a dish.  Choose items with a lower calories per serving and higher fiber per serving.  For example – black beans and kidney beans have 7 grams of fiber where white beans have only 3 grams of fiber.

Another way to make dishes healthier is use “light” products.  I usually use light mayo, cream cheese, and sour cream without any compromise to the original recipe.  I also use canola oil in any recipe that calls for vegetable oil.  Canola oil is a healthier oil.

Healthy Recipes for 2011 |

From left to right: Slow Cooker Pork Tacos, Healthy Blueberry Pancakes, Pain Perdu, and Oven Roasted Broccoli


Healthy Recipes for 2011 |

From left to right: Creamy Mexican Turkey Soup, Healthy Bagel Sandwich, and Microwave Granola.


Other yummy healthy recipes for 2011:

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  1. Yesterday searched in google sites about health and nutrition. I found a few, but all of the information or is incomplete or does not meet the needs of Poimena. Your blog and the article in particular was a pleasant surprise. I received answers to my questions. Thank you and continue so on.

  2. Thank you for compiling all of those! I’ve always liked your site because I feel the majority of your recipes are pretty healthy or at least healthier than others. Keep up the good work 🙂