Best Crock Pot Recipes of 2011

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I love me some crock pot recipes and it was hard to pick just 3.  I did limit myself to only one Mexican recipe as part of the top 3 recipes. That has got to be my favorite way to use a crock pot. The meat turns out so tender and flavorful. Here is the best Crock Pot Recipes of 2011.

#1 3 Ingredient Crock Pot Pasta Sauce

Zucchini Noodles |

It can’t get any easier than this pasta sauce that only takes 3 ingredients. Wait, yes you can! It is made in a crock pot. The sauce gets all of it’s flavor from the garlic and the spices already in the Italian sausage. I love it served over zoodles.

Best Crock Pot Recipes of 2011 |

#2 Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos Verde

I loved this twist on a Mexican chicken made with green salsa and green chilies. This meat was flavorful and moist.  The other great thing with this recipe is you can use the meat in any Mexican dish you like – enchiladas, burritos, tostadas, nachos, etc.

Best Crock Pot Recipes of 2011 |

#3 Best Ever Beef Dip

This is the easy way to make a tasty beef dip sandwich! I love the flavor of the dipping sauce! So what do you think of my Best Crock Pot Recipes of 2011?

Best Crock Pot Recipes of 2011 |

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  1. OMG the Beef dip looks great. I was planning what i may make this weekend and I think i finally made up my mind. Thanks for the recipe.