Best Breakfasts of 2022

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Now if you are looking for something to serve on New Year’s Day for breakfast look no further than the best breakfasts of 2022. They would even work well if you like to ring in the new year on new years eve with a breakfast.

This really is a great collection of 4 best breakfasts of 2022 recipes. The first is a sausage-peach filled puff pancake. It’s a great all in one meal. It has a puffy German style type pancake base. Then the middle of the pancakes is filled with a filling of sausage, peaches, syrup, and nutmeg. That nutmeg really add to the flavor of this dish so don’t leave it out.

Best Breakfasts of 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

Next up is a delicious breakfast casserole that uses tater tots for the base layer. The delicious tater tot breakfast casserole then gets a lower of cooked bacon. Next you mix together some eggs with some onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Once you combine that you add in some cheese and pour it over those tater tots and bacon. Finish it off a a sprinkling of more cheese! The result is eggs surrounding pockets of potatoes throughout the dish.

The third recipe is for simple perfect homemade waffles. Now you would think I have more than enough waffles recipes. However, that is not the case. I am so glad I have add this version to my collection. You don’t need anything fancy to make these simple perfect homemade waffles. You can make them in one bowl. This recipe includes more egg and oil than my weekday waffles, so the result is a different texture. My family has loved these and I have made them several times. I even made them this year for Christmas breakfast. We especially love these waffles with cinnamon roll syrup.

Last is a recipe for perfectly thin pancakes. These pancakes are the perfect texture in between a crepe and a pancake. They remind me of some pancakes I have enjoyed a few time in the Amanas at an Amish restaurant. These have a spongy yet cake like texture. 

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