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Best Breakfasts of 2017

by Laura

Looking for a way to start off the new year? Any of these Best Breakfasts of 2017 recipes would be perfect to serve for a late breakfast on New Years.

These all can be made ahead of time, so it would be an easy way to start the day. You could even make the waffles and top them with the orange butter recipe. All 3 of these recipes are magnificent!

Best Breakfasts of 2017

Overnight Sourdough Waffles – This recipe does not require you to have a starter. You make the sourdough portion of the recipe overnight and then basically just add in the eggs. It really is quite simple to do. Plus, I love that some of the work is done ahead of time, the night before.

Peachy Croissant Bake – This is quite simple to make and is made the night before. It’s like a french toast bake, but not exactly. My one son is not a fan of any french toast bake recipes I have made before because of the texture. It’s too soggy for him. However, he LOVES this one.

Orange Butter – Just by adding a few extra ingredients to a butter, you end up with something you can use to take your dish to a whole new level. This orange butter is perfect to use on rolls, English muffins, waffles, etc. My favorite way to use it is on pancakes then I top them with berries and maple syrup.

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