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Best Main Dishes of 2017

by Laura

I make a lot of main dishes during the year. So, this was a harder category to pick just 3 recipes for the Best Main Dishes of 2017. Two of them, I knew right off the bat. The third was where the dilemma came it.

The recipe for sheet pan beef fajitas was one that was in the final running. However, it didn’t make the cut. So with all the main dish recipes that I make throughout the year, I can guarantee you will LOVE these 3 recipes.

Best Main Dishes of 2017

5 Cheese Marinara –  This 5 cheese marinara sauce in an Olive Garden Copy Cat! It tastes amazing and is super simple to make. I am more than happy to just have some good old cooked pasta if it’s topped with this sauce.

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas – My family absolutely loved this and I really loved how simple it was to make. My family isn’t big on olives but I LOVE them. So I just used them as a topping instead. Finish it off with a dollop of sour cream and you are set.

Irish Stew – This stew for me is similar to a shepherds pie, just inverted. This does need some time to simmer, but is so worth it for those tender pieces of beef. You could even do this in a slow cooker if you must, but I love it prepared on the stove top.

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