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Best Breads of 2019

by Laura

We are getting closer to the close of 2019 and today we are looking back at the Best Breads of 2019. It just so happens that the best includes 2 muffin recipes and 2 roll recipes.

Best Breads of 2019 | realmomkitchen.com

First up is a flashback post for Molly’s Rolls. This is one of my favorite and go to roll recipes.  It is very similar to the Lion House roll recipe but takes less time.

Next is a muffin recipe. This is a version of maple and brown sugar oatmeal but in muffin form. These muffins work much better for on the go than an actual bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal.

Then I have a terrific everyday banana muffin recipe. Bananas are a fruit that I buy on a regular basis. However, they don’t always get eaten up before they get too mushy. When we get to that point, I now love to turn those over ripe bananas into these everyday banana muffins. They are best if you eat them warm from the oven, but are still tasty after that.

Last is a recipe that I updated this year from when it was originally posted back in September 2008. Donnette’s Rolls was a recipe that I kind of forgot about over the years. However, I am so glad I decided to update that post and rediscover this awesome roll recipe. Since updating this recipe this year, I have made this recipe A LOT!

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