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I am starting a new series for my site called Steppin’ out of my Kitchen. In this series, I will take you out of my kitchen and into another kitchen. I will take you to some yummy places to eat like the Pop On Over Cafe. Some will be local and others will be places I find when I hit the road. I will also share places such as chain restaurants that can be found in places throughout the states.

My very first post for this series will be a new place that I did try close to home. It is located in South Jordan, Utah and is called Pop On Over Cafe and New York Deli. Their menu states they offer “a taste of New York”. They specialize in New York Style Popovers. Popovers are a light, hollow roll that they make from an egg batter and are similar to Yorkshire pudding.

Popwich from Pop On Over Cafe

The popovers here have a nice crisp and golden outside  and are hollow in the very center. The ‘inner walls’ of popovers are soft, chewy,and eggy.  You can buy a regular popover here which come in several flavors – plain, asiago, whole wheat, cinnamon sugar, and garlic & onion.

Popwich from Pop On Over Cafe

However, the fun part of the Pop On Over Cafe is that the hollow inside of the popover makes a perfect pocket to fill with other things. You can get breakfast popovers theat they serve sandwich style and have fillings with things like, egg, cheese, ham, and even cream cheese ranging in price from $2.59 – $6.75. They also serve them all day.

sampling a popwich

When I went with my hubby here, we went for lunch and sampled their pop-wiches which are sandwiches made in pop overs ranging from $6.99-$7.99. I sampled the pastrami pop-wich while my hubby opted for turkey. They were amazing and stuffed with plenty of meat. Each pop-wich also comes with a small side salad. We tested the potato and cucumber. The potato salad was average but the simple cucumber salad was really tasty. I would most definityely recommend it.

cucumber salad

The menu includes other items that scream New York like pizza, calzones, and hot dogs. I hope to sample the pizza soon. If you ever happen to be in the area, I would highly recommend you visit this quaint cafe. It is definitely worth the stop.

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  1. I took my kids there for dinner. I had a turkey pop-wiches and my kids each had a pizza. Both were yummy. My teenage son ate all of the 12″ pizza. We would definitely go back.

  2. Looking forward to more of these posts. I like to try new places, but with a limited budget, it’s nice to get recommendations too. Might I make a suggestion to include price ranges for the food – so we aren’t shocked when we do go there to eat?