Replace Google Reader with Feedly Before it is Gone

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If you read my blog through my RSS feed and use Google Reader, as of July 1, Google Reader will be gone. I use Google Reader and needed to find a replacement for all the RSS feeds I follow. Since my kids are out of school, I asked my oldest son to help his mom out and find me a replacement. Not only did he find a replacement for me but he also wrote a tutorial to help you so you all can still read my blog via RSS. Here is his tutorial on how to Replace Google Reader with feedly before it is gone.

In March 2013 Google Reader announced it will be shutting down on July 1. 

For those who don’t know what Google Reader is it’s a Web-tool, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline. When a website publishes a new article, it uses an RSS Feed to tell Google, “hey there’s something new on this site”. If you add a web site to Google Reader or a tool like Reeder using the RSS Feeds from the site, it means you get an instant notification that the website has been updated. Nice. Web blogging platforms like WordPress use this technology. My mom uses it for many of you to follow this site.

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Google Reader has been a nice tool for collecting all the websites you like to  follow into one website. You don’t have to check all the websites one by one. Google Reader showed all the new posts from the websites you follow. Then if you like something you could click on it and it would take you to the post.

Feedly ( is a great replacement option for Google Reader, to read your RSS feeds.

Feedly works for a number of Web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android.  So how different is it than Google Reader? Not much, and it’s better.

It allowed me to import all of my mom’s Google Reader RSS Feeds easily.


The features that stand out for me are the different views to check your feeds; you can have lists, magazine views and other choices, like one that lays the articles out to look like Pinterest. It also allows you to quickly acknowledge the article as “read” with a setting that marks the article read after I scrolling past it, just like in google reader.  (By default it is set to only “Auto-Mark as Read On Scroll” in Full Article view only, so if you want that to work in other views, change it to All Views in the preferences menu)


Feedly has its own app on the App Store and Google Play store.

There are other apps you can use to read your feedly such as:

-Press for android

-gReader for android

-Newsify for iPhone or iPad

-Pure widget for android


Just like you used those applications to read your google reader, you can now use those applications to read your Feedly. When google reader shuts down, those applications will no longer work without a Feedly account.

All in all Feedly is great. If you are looking for a Google Reader replacement, switch to Feedly.

Don’t forget to follow Real Mom Kitchen on Feedly.

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  1. When they made the announcement I started looking around and set up a bloglines…it’s not what I wanted. So I’ll try feedly out! Thanks! I haven’t got long to make up my mind…

  2. I started out using Feedly after the Google announcement but last week I discovered Blogluvin’ … I love it a lot more than Feedly. As a blog reader I can scan through posts with the toolbar and as a blog owner I can track how many subscribers my blog has and how it ranks against other blogs in my category. Worth checking out.

  3. That was great info and a nice job by your son! I switched to feedly a couple months ago and it has been working great. I agree that it is the closest to google reader as they come.