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Recipe Rewind – Sandwiches for the Super Bowl

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I decided to start a series called recipe rewind.  I know a lot of you enjoyed it when I did my favorite recipes from the past year.  So I decided that when the mood strikes me for certain events coming up, I will do a recipe rewind post to help remind you of great recipes already on here that you may have forgotten about or even  haven’t seen if you are new to my site. Today my recipe rewind of sandwiches for the Super Bowl.  

When I think of the Super Bowl, I think of great sandwiches.  Then I think of Mexican food.  I always think it is great party food.  Last I think of all those fun dips and appetizers.  So today, I am going to share all the yummy sandwich recipes that would be excellent to have as part of your Super Bowl menu.  Tuesday I will share all my favorite Mexican dishes that would work great.  Then on Wednesday we will finish up with the dips and appetizer recipes.

Think of fun ways to serve up the sandwiches.  You can make any sandwich into a slider plus there are so many different rolls and buns to serve a sandwich on. You can also find bolillo rolls at Sam’s Club or Walmart that are delicious and the shape of these rolls resemble the shape of a football.

Pictured going left to right clockwise:

Pictured going left to right clockwise:

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