Readers Choice of 2021

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To ring in the new year today, I am sharing what you the reader help to decide was the best recipes of 2021. We have a dinner, two breakfasts, and a sweets. This readers choice of 2021 list only includes one recipe that I included in all of my best of recipes for 2021. All the others have not been mentioned.

Readers Choice of 2021 |

First up is a recipe for baked Swiss chicken. I have been making this recipe for over 10 years and is a staple for my family meals. Everyone loves this dish. It’s simple to make and only requires 6 ingredients that I usually always have on hand. It’s also nice enough to serve to guests. You can’t lose with this one!

Readers Choice of 2021 |

Next is this sticky bun breakfast ring. This happen to also make by best breakfasts of 2021 list. My family loves this on a weekday with a glass of juice or on a weekend as part of a brunch. It is sticky, it is ooey, and it is oh so gooey.

The next recipe pick out by my readers is this apple cider donut cake.

This cake is like one massive apple cider donut with a cinnamon sugar coating. You make it in a bundt pan. However, the other way to finish it off is with an apple cider glaze. I did the cinnamon sugar coating for the picture. However, my family prefers the apple cider glaze. It’s just made from powdered sugar and apple cider. Mix mix and drizzle.

The very last recipe that was pick the most from you all for the Readers Choice if 2021 is blueberry pancakes make from muffin mix. These pancakes turned out fabulous and the whole family loved them. They are a little different to make though. First thing is they take longer to cook. The other thing is these blueberry pancakes (from a muffin mix) are they are a little on the delicate side. So you need to be careful when you turn them over. Other than that, these are just like regular blueberry pancakes. 

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