Popsicle Week – Review & Tips

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It is Popsicle Week this week here a RMK.  One of the best ways to cool off in the summer is with a cool and icy popsicle.  To start of the week, I am going to share what popsicle molds I used and which is my favorite.  I will also share some helpful tips when making your popsicles. Today is popsicle week – review & tips.

#1 Orka 4-Ice Pops

$12.31 from Amazon

Popsicle Week - Review & Tips | realmomkitchen.com

This set was my favorite set.

 It was the easiest to unmold because the mold is made of silicone.  I love that the base catches drips.  It does not require the additional purchase of popsicle sticks.  The down side is you can’t make, unmold, and make more because you need the bases.  It is also dishwasher safe.  If you choose to get this set, I would recommend purchasing 2 so you can make at least 8.

#2 Disposable plastic or paper 3 oz bathroom cups with popsicle sticks

around $2 for 100 cups

Believe it or not this was the next best way to make a popsicle.  

You can make as many as you want or need.  With the paper ones, just cut a notch in the top of the cups and the paper cup can just be torn off the popsicle.  The plastic ones are easy to remove after letting the popsicle sit outside the freezer for a minute or two.  Or dip the cup for a few seconds in warm water and you are done.  The only downside to this mold is the shape is a little harder to eat.  If using these, you will also need some foil.  Cover each cup with a square of aluminum foil and gently poke the popsicle stick in the center.  This with keep the stick centered and standing straight.

Popsicle Week - Review & Tips | realmomkitchen.com

#3 Norpro Ice Pop Maker

$14.99 from Amazon

Popsicle Week - Review & Tips | realmomkitchen.com

This mold was one that I saw a lot of other bloggers using.  

I loved the shape.  They do require popsicle sticks but the mold itself comes with some.  These were a little harder to unmold.  Also, I figured out that I need to stick the sticks down further than I thought in the molds.  When trying to unmold the popsicles the sticks kept coming out but not the popsicles.  This may also be due to the fact that I used a recipe that didn’t freeze extremely firm.

#4 Popsicle Mold from Dollar Tree $1

This mold was ok for the price.

 It comes with its own bases for the popsicles.  This mold would leave the top of the popsicles in the bottom of the mold.  Also, only half of the popsicles came out for me when unmolding.  The other half the bases came out.

Here are my tips for making popsicles.

  • Place the popsicle mixture into a container with a good pour spout.  It makes it much easier to get the mixture into the molds.
  • Leave about 1/4 inch room at the top of the popsicles in the mold.  They will expand with freezing.
  • Allow proper freezing time before unmolding.
  • To unmold, fill a pan or container (I use my sink) that is at least as tall as your mold with warm (not hot) water. Dip the mold in the water for a few seconds until the popsicles loosen. Remove the mold from the water and place it on a sturdy surface. Gripping the handles, gently pull upward to get nice, clean pops. If it feels like a struggle to unmold, dip them in the warm water a little longer.


  • Let the ice pops sit at room temperature until they can be easily removed from their mold (but still hold their shape). You won’t get those nice clean edges with this method and it can be messier, especially with dairy-based popsicles.

Now you should be all set for the recipes I have for you this week! Also, if you are local I will be on Fresh Living (KUTV channel 2) today at 1 pm.  I will be sharing a couple of patriotic recipes from my blog for the 24th of July celebrations tomorrow. Check it out if you can!

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  1. I have and love the Tupperware ice tups set. I wish I had a second set! I’ve found that individual pops work MUCH better than sets where the molds are attached to each other. I wish they made Dixie cups in a narrower shape. =)

  2. I love home made Popsicles!

    I bought the mold from dollar tree a while ago and it just never worked for me, I may just have to buy the silicone one you mentioned.