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Today is a Picture Me Cooking Review. This cookbook is one that one of you sent me a reccomendation for.  It is one that is harder to find.  I purchased it through an Amazon seller.  You can find them used on there for around $8 and new around $11.

Picture Me Cooking Review | realmomkitchen.com
What I like about this cookbook:
  • Spiral bound – I always prefer a spiral bound cookbook especially for kids.  You need it to lay flat so you can see the recipe and stay on the page you are cooking from.
  • Rules and Safety – this book includes some pages in the beginning for rules and safety, what a recipe is, planning it out, parents, kitchen math, and dinner time=family time.
  • Recipes – the recipes have been created, tested, and approved by kids 3 to 103.  The recipes have some fun names like Dang It Danish.
  • Instructions – They are easy to read and use a short list of ingredients in each recipe.
  • Pictures – this cookbook is different because it is also like a scrapbook.  The front section or each category has photos of each recipe but then on the page with the actual recipe is a photo sleeve to include a photo of  the recipe and the person making it when you make it yourself.  I really love the idea of this.
  • Categories – I love the variety of categories in this book.  It includes -Sunrise Starters, Delicious Drinks, Snackage, Midday Morsels, Let’s Do Dinner, On the Side, Dessert Please, and Your Family Recipes.  I love that you can add your own recipes and include photos too.
  • Quick reference for adult help – it includes a “cb” symbol (cooking buddy) in the steps when you need adult help.
Items I am neutral about:
  • Nutrition info included with each recipe – this is not included.  I do like to see this in kids cookbooks to help teach nutrition and is great if you need this kind of info for any medical reasons.  However, it isn’t a must item for me.
The downside:
  • Prep and Cook times – the recipes do not include prep and bake times which I feel is a must for a kid’s cookbook.  However, I love the idea of adding your own pictures in this book.  The prep and cook times missing from the recipe would not discourage me from getting it because the book is very original in it’s concept.
  • Accessibility – this book is harder to find.

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  1. Good review. I might check into it for my just turned 4 yr old grandson. In the first line, though, you should have said the cookbook was recommended by one of you instead from one of you,

    Best Regards

    Pamela Stevens, BSW/MS Gerontology