Menu Plan Monday – Week 1

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So I have really been looking at my blog and what I share with all of you for a few weeks now since I got real with you all.  I asked if it would be helpful to have a weekly meal plan that I share with you and found that most of you would love to see that happen.  So I decided to share some a weekly menu plan with you on Monday.  It won’t necessarily be every Monday.  However, I am going to start off with at least 6 weekly meal plans for you including a shopping list.  Then as the seasons change I will share other meal plans with you to incorporate more dishes tailored to the time of year it is.

These first few weeks will include at least one recipe to grill.  

We need to take advantage of grilling as long as we can.  I will also include 1 crock pot menu and 1 meal that you make 2 of.  This way you can eat one and freeze one.  It is always good to have some meals in the freezer.  My meal plan will also only include 5 meals.  This way if you want a date night, have a dinner party to attend, or want to do leftovers one night – you can.  My meal plan is to get you through those weekday meals and then the weekends are up to you.

I think right now is the perfect time to start this.  School has begun or will begin for most kids (mine all start next week).  This is a perfect time to get your meals planned so you can stress less as homework time rolls around.

Now, I will make recommendations for side dishes to go with your meal plan but they will not be included in the shopping list.  You will need to add those items to your shopping list if you choose to incorporate them. The recipes links are provided below and if click on the shopping list icon below for a printable shopping list for the weeks meals.

I also decided to begin a series called Flashback Fridays.  

I am going to go back through my archives and make some of those recipes from when I first started my blog.  This way they can get a new and improved picture along with a printable recipe format.  Then you can get a look and some recipes you might not be aware of on my site and my family can get to eat some recipes they love.  When I talk to people they always say, I would love to live at your house.  I then tell them how my family wishes we could have more of what we like and not something new all of the time.  They love it when I find a good recipe, but don’t like it so much when a new recipe is a bomb.  Watch for that series to begin this Friday.

Menu Plan Monday - Week 1 | realmomkitchen.com
Menu Plan Monday – Week 1

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  2. Loved the menu for the week. It made my first week back to school w/ football practice everyday SO much easier. Plus, loved all the recipes. My husband even wants me to make the cheese steak recipe for the annual fantasy football draft with the guys. I can’t wait for your next menu! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  3. YAY! Thank you so much. Planning a menu for the week is THE HARDEST part of cooking. Planning really saves my budget, but I hate doing it. haha Thank you for your help. This went from being my favorite blog to being my very favorite blog. 🙂

  4. I officially love you. Deciding what to cook and planning a shopping list is my LEAST favorite thing EVER. This makes me very excited. Please don’t go make your life more stressful, but I would definitely love more of these! THANK YOU!

  5. What a great idea! This must have taken a lot of work, but so helpful to so many people!

  6. Laura,
    Thanks so much for organizing this week’s meals for my family. I printed out the list and went shopping yesterday. Made the cheesesteak subs first and whole family enjoyed. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have my menu planning done for the week. I REALLY appreciate the time you took to put this together!

  7. Awesome idea!! I find meal planning can be a daunting task. This will definitely help me stay on track making meals for my family.

    I really enjoy your blog. You’re such an inspiration 🙂