Kids in the Kitchen

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I think it is really important to pass along those cooking skills that you have to your children.  To get your kids in the kitchen. I got my start in the kitchen as a young girl with my mom.  One summer, our local newspaper had a cooking series for kids to get cooking in the kitchen.  This is my first real memory of cooking and I LOVED IT!

Since I got my start when I was young, I thought it would be fun to do a summer series this year to get the kids in the kitchen.  The summer is the perfect time to get them involved and learning how to cook.  You can get the kids to help in the evening with meal prep during the summer.  At this time of year,  you take the time in the evening because you don’t have homework time.  Replace the homework time with time to learn in the kitchen.

Kids in the Kitchen | realmomkitchen.com
My daughter enjoying cookies she helped make.

It is June 1st and summer is now here!  Each Friday this summer, I will post a recipe for the kids to make in the kitchen.  Then on Saturdays, I will have a cookbook review of cookbooks just for kids.  This way, you can purchase the books or check them out of the library for even more fun in the kitchen.  I hope this summer that will we inspire the next generations of foodies.

I am getting my boys to do a meal one night each week.  they are going to be in charge of planning and making the meal.  Who knows, I may even have some stories to share with you about our experience here this summer too.

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  1. We’re excited to see your ideas each Friday!

    We have lots of ideas and recipes for kids of all ages at our site, too for anyone looking for ideas 😀

  2. Love the idea! Half of my kids like to cook and the other half think it’s torture. But regardless, they all need to learn how. Can’t wait for the recipes and cookbook reviews.

  3. LOVE this Laura!! My boys LOVE to help in the kitchen so I’m looking forward to some kid friendly recipes & checking out the cookbooks too 🙂 GREAT idea!!

  4. What an excellent idea! I had just decided a couple weeks ago that this summer I was going to teach my older sons how to make a couple breakfasts, lunches and dinners that they could do all on their own. Can’t wait to see what you share. 🙂

  5. I was just thinking I should seeif I could find a blog dedicated to recipes that are kid-friendly to make. Perfect timing! Thank you!

  6. i love this idea! i’m definitely looking forward to weekends on your blog. and all the other days. 😀

  7. That is such a great idea. My daughter Loves to cook. This will be a great math and reading lesson.This will be added to her profile for homeschooling.