Chocolaty Goodness: Hostess Review and Giveaway

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It’s a Chocolaty Goodness: Hostess Review and Giveaway I grew up on Hostess®. In elementary school, I usually had something in my lunch box from Hostess®. My mom used to stock up on them when she went to the local Hostess® discount store and then keep the freezer filled with them. I loved having my own individually wrapped special treat in my lunch. My favorite items to get were CupCakes® or Crumb Donettes®. I also loved Chocodiles® and Twinkies®. All around I don’t think I have met a thing from Hostess® I didn’t like.

Chocolaty Goodness: Hostess Review | realmomkitchen.com
Chocolaty Goodness: Hostess Review | realmomkitchen.com

My kids have also grown up with Hostess® as a special treat or reward. Now, my daughter is very partial to the Powdered Sugar Donettes®. My boys love all of the Donettes®, too. Donettes® happen to be one of the most popular Hostess® products.

We recently had the opportunity to try Hostess’® New Frosted Devil’s Food Donettes®.

My kids arrived home from school to a bag of these new, moist, devil’s food cake mini-doughnuts dipped in a chocolate-flavored coating waiting for them as an after school snack. They were all smiles to get this special treat and excited to try out the new flavor. The unique combination of devil’s food cake and rich chocolaty coating creates an indulgent new flavor. My kiddos gobbled them up and enjoyed every last one. My husband was home and took his fair share to sample, too.

I wasn’t really digging the new flavor. I prefer to stick with the Crumb variety.

However, the rest of my family loved them. My husband said they were “chocolaty goodness”. My daughter was the lucky one who grabbed the very last Donette® from the bag. Both my boys came back looking for more only to be filled with disappointment when they discovered the bag was empty. They were a little grouchy when they realized their little sis was the one who finished off the bag.

One of America’s best known and most loved snack cakes, Twinkies® have been tantalizing taste buds and filling lunch boxes since 1930, and they are rolling out a new flavor. The NEW Chocolate Crème Twinkies® have that well-known, moist, sponge cake on the outside but with a new chocolaty crème filling on the inside. I was excited to give those a try since I do love chocolate. They would be yummy to try with my simple Valentine’s Heart Cake for Two or Twinkie® Cake.

We also sampled the New Chocolate Crème Twinkies®.

My husband liked them better than original Twinkies®. The rest of the family preferred the taste of original to the new, chocolate version. The chocolate version also seems to be a little messier to eat than the original.

Interested in trying the New Frosted Devil’s Food Donettes® or New Chocolate Crème Twinkies®? Hostess® and BlogHer have provided a $100 Visa gift card to one RMK reader. To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling me a favorite memory of a Hostess® snack cake.

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  1. Just had a twinkie the other day for the first time in years. Sadly, not as good as I remembered. Suzy Qs will be next!

  2. I always looked forward to my packed, school lunches when I was younger because of the Hostess Fruit Pies my mother placed in them as dessert.

  3. I remember finding Hostess cupcakes in my lunch on my 1st day of school after a big move from PA to FL. LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  4. I remember when I was little, my grandmother used to try & keep my grandfather on a healthy diet for him to watch his weight & diabetes – so there were rarely any sweets in the house – but once in awhile he’d buy a box of Hostess cakes as a “treat”. He & I would have one together. I loved the chocolate cupcakes! I had a method to eating them… I’d peel off the icing & save it to eat last, Lol.

  5. My grandfather would take me to work with him and we’d always stop and buy a package of Donettes for me on the drive.

  6. Since they come two in a pack, my Mom always gave one to me and had one for herself. We especially liked any chocolate ones, like the Ding Dongs. She and I would share them and my brothers would get none.

  7. It started with hostess treats in my lunchbox for school and for the rest of my life, I’ve never been able to resist those little chocolate donuts. Thanks a lot, Mom!

  8. My dad always had Hostess cupcakes to take to work and it was a real treat when he shared with me. They are still my favorite.

  9. A favorite memory I have was going grocery shopping with my mom as a child and we’d always buy a package of hostess treats to enjoy on the way home! Simple but so fun! 🙂

  10. When I was a kid, my dad would take me to the 7-11 and we would get bottles of Dr. Pepper and Hostess Cupcakes. We would get the 3 pack of cupcakes and I would get one, and he would get one and my brother would get the last one.

  11. Whenever I was sick as a child my mom would let me have a Hostess cupcake and a glass of ginger ale. Then she would tuck me in and let me rest. I wish someone would still do that for me sometimes.

  12. My favorite Hostess treat are the chocolate cupcakes. I remember sharing them with my mom and cutting them in half to eat the filling first.

  13. I remember always eating my Twinkie by first biting off each end and then eating the middle.
    Thanks for the contest.

  14. I remember going to the grocery store before school field trips over 20 years ago and buying the individual Hostess pies. I remember loving the Boston Cream Pie, Lemon Pie and Cherry Pies. I always popped one side of the crust off and ate it. Then I’d scoop out the middle and eat it with my finger before finishing the remaining pie crust. Those were the days.

  15. My favorite memory of a Hostess® snack cake is the velvety sponge cake Twinkie and biting into the cream filling. Ummm.

  16. My fav one as a kid was the chocolate cupcake! The lovely squiggle of white icing on the chocolate! The surprise filling! What’s not to like? i STILL love them! Now I get them for my grandkids.

  17. I tweeted about this Giveaway: httpss://twitter.com/#!/ctong2/status/185659330610212866


  18. I remember when I gave my children the Twinkies® after school they were so happy and we enjoyed the super soft cake that afternoon, that is my favorite memory of a Hostess® snack cake. There is nothing better than you see your loved ones feel so happy.


  19. I remember in the summer when my dad would take us to the beach, he’d get us the little cup cakes as a treat! They were so yummy. 🙂

  20. mmmmm I love love love their Banana Walnut Mini Muffins! When I used to work, I would have a baggy of them with a cold OJ for breakfast nearly every morning. I miss that tradition, but not the working. LOL! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  21. My favorite was yummy Hostess treat was the chocolate cupcake. I practically ran home to eat them after my high school job. I recall putting my name on them so my sisters wouldn’t eat them!

  22. TWEET-httpss://twitter.com/#!/CrazyItalian0/status/184048500869304320
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  23. My mom used to pack them in my school lunches from time to time, and they always made me smile when I opened my lunch and spotted one. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  24. You are a genius to come up with the heart shaped dessert using the twinkies!! I love it, and I love twinkies.

  25. I love twinkies, it started when a coworker brought in 7 pounds of it for his 7 year work anniversary, I ate a lot of it and I’m sure it improved my productivity. Thanks for the giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  26. I would have never thought to do that with twinkies! My cousin was a twinkie nut, so i bought him a twinkie soap. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  27. I remember being in elementary school and I always bought my lunch but my best friend always brought a brown bag lunch. And each day, she’d bring an extra Hostess Twinkie just for me. I have so many fond memories of the two of us sitting there enjoying our favorite treat together. We’re still best friends to this day and we still share in our love of Hostess yummies!

    Thank you!

  28. I was born in the 1950’s – just about the time the t.v. dinner generation was born. My mom LOVED convenience foods (which helped since she wasn’t much into baking). So Hostess was the snack food found in our household. My favorite was definitely the Twinkie … followed CLOSELY by the chocolate cupcake!

  29. My favorite as a child was the chocolate cupcake.. I didn’t get them often, so it was a real treat!

  30. When I was in elementary school, we would occasionally have “Hamburger Day”, when you could purchase (for 50 cents!) a lunch bag filled with a hot hamburger, a bag of chips, a carton of milk and a Hostess Ding Dong! Those were the best!

  31. when i was little and my mom use to pack a hostess cupcake on friday as treat.
    purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

  32. Yes Hostess ‘Cuppy Cakes’ as I used to call them or Chocodiles were always in my lunch box or brown paper lunch bag….

  33. I remember bringing Ding Dongs to my teacher for Christmas in 6th grade … it was the surefire way to win her over! I even wrapped them up myself. 🙂 And just recently bought my first Snowball, because I’d always coveted that pink coconutty goodness …

  34. My favorite memory is eating frozen Twinkies when it would be over 100 degrees outside. If you’ve ever had aa frozen Twinkie when it’s hot outside then you know how good it is!

  35. I remember having them occasionally as an after school snack. I thought I was really getting something now, I realize Mom just needed the extra few minutes to prepare our supper.

  36. As a child, I’d messily take apart Hostess Cupcakes and each each delicious component piece by piece.

  37. I remember if my brother and I got good report cards as kids, my mom would let us pick out a special treat at the supermarket, and I would always pick a box of Twinkies.

  38. O.M.G. I haven’t had a Twinkie in years….. total flashback to my childhood!

  39. That heart-shaped Twinkie ‘cake’ is brilliant! Who doesn’t love a good walk down memory lane with a Hostess treat.

  40. My favorite memory is from about five years ago when I first tasted a Hostess cupcake. I was shocked that I’d never had one before and thrilled that they were so delicious!

  41. Growing up frozen Twinkies and Dingdongs were great summer treats. A bigger treat was during the school year we got cupcakes in our fieldtrip lunches!

  42. My favorite Hostess memory was winning an important soccer game and all the parents had brought snacks afterward to celebrate — fruit, lemonade and hostess snack cakes! Yum — perfect way to celebrate a win! 🙂

  43. I remember my Mom froze Hostess Cupcakes to keep them fresh longer and I ate it straight out of the freezer and I’ve been eating them that way ever since! Love it!

  44. I have great memories of eating Hostess SnoBalls when I was a kid. They were my favorite–especially the pink ones!

  45. This is not a “favorite” memory…however, it is my most vivid memory–when I was a kid, I remember being so envious of classmates who brought Hostess snacks to school (because we didn’t get to!)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. One of my favorite memories is my mom putting hostess Suzy Q’s or twinkies in my lunch box every day.

  47. Getting ding-dongs in my lunch. My friend always had krimpets and would try and get them from me, NOT!

  48. My favorite memory of a Hostess® snack cake: Going to the store with my Granny and getting the Orange Cupcakes! She loved those things and I liked the orange ones much better than the chocolate.

  49. My favorite memory is of my boys eating hostess powdered sugar donettes and seeing their messy, happy faces.

  50. My sister and I always love sharing a package of Snowballs. They are the perfect combination of chocolate with marshmallows and coconut. I’m so glad they come in a twin pack so we each get one. When I was a kid, the pink color was the biggest advantage:)

  51. My favorite a tie really for all of them but I love the snoballs, dingdongs twinkies cupcakes.. My mom would always have some handy for special days.

  52. I don’t have any kidly Hostess memories. My earliest memories of Hostess involve them sending me $1 off coupons on their 100 calorie packs. I love them. Once a week I enjoy the cinnamon crumb cake packs and I enjoy the strawberry and chocolate snack cakes occasionally. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a baked good without having to mentally beat myself up for enjoying it.

    dazed1821 at aol dot com

  53. I loved making bunny heads at Easter time with the sno-balls. I loved eating them as well. That was the only time of the year my mom would buy the sno-balls. Now as a mother I know why, special treat occasionally, at my house too.

  54. My great-aunt Louise always kept a stash of Twinkies in a big bowl on her kitchen counter for my uncle. Every time I would vist them as a child I would run to the kitchen and plead for just one package (which she always obliged)

  55. My parents would rarely allow me to have them, but I love Hostess Cupcakes. I would strategically peel off the white swirls, followed by the chocolate frosting, then I would dig out the cream filling, and lastly eat the cake. YUM!

  56. I went on a hiking trip on my birthday and only one person knew it was my birthday, but he brought a ding-dong and put a candle in it and sang happy birthday to me! It was so thoughtful.

  57. My favorite memory is getting hostess treats on special occassions. I always looked forward to those days!

  58. My absolute favorite and what I picked every single time we could have Hostess were the cupcakes with that white spiral on top and that creamy white filling- I would eat the cake first and save the icing for last-

  59. I love HoHo’s. When I was pregnant with my first son, I was sick for nearly the entire 9 months. I couldn’t gain weight, I couldn’t keep anything down. I didn’t even want chocolate, which was so unlike me. Towards the last couple weeks of my pregnancy, I found myself craving HoHo’s. I hadn’t had them in a long time, but I was able to eat them. Such a weird thing, but they were so yummy after having not wanting nor being able to eat.

  60. I love the zingers. As a child my mom also would go to the outlet stores to get bread. It was a rare treat, but we would get the zingers. I love the raspberry ones. Thanks!

  61. I Tweeted the give-away here:

  62. My favorite Hostess memory are the Zingers that had the Peanuts characters on the wrappers – I think Snoopy was on the Zinger package – to me, it made them taste better! I still crave Zingers today, and I”m 53!

  63. I tweeted about this giveaway:

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  64. I remember I always enjoyed a Hostess Ho Hos after school with brothers. We would enjoy this yummy snack together, share (or fight over) toys and always have fun after school. I’m so glad to have this same memory shared with my brothers. That is my favorite Hostess snack cake memory!
    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  65. I still love ding dongs. I love to place the ding dongs in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. Love it. Actually, I like all Hostess. Good stuff.

  66. I will always remember the fist time I tried a Snowball. Being a little girl and seeing that Brilliant Pink color, it was almost to pretty to eat! I sure was happy I did though because that coconut marshmallow outside, and the Chocolate cake and sweet filling made it my favorite. I knew my mom was thinking about me when I would find one on the table after school waiting for me 🙂

  67. I remember sleeping over at my best friend’s house and she and I would eat an entire box of twinkies after her parents fell asleep, we just always had twinkies whenever I spent the night at her house, it was a must for us as teenagers. Now we look back and say “How did we not gain weight eating all those twinkies in one night??!” Now we can only eat one 🙂 still brings back good memories though.

  68. I was a twinkie girl growing up – I would manuever the top from the bottom to get to the cream part first. My parents didn’t buy them very often so I made my treat last as long as possible.

  69. I remember when my mom would take us to the Hostess store! She would let us each pick out a couple of treats. Our favorites to pick out were the different fruit pies!

  70. i remember sharing ho-ho’s with my best friend Mary in grade school–now my kids share them with their friends at school–Gotta love hostess!! 🙂

  71. Used to love peeling the thick coating off of the Hostess Cupcakes and eating that first off of my finger and then finishing off the cake for dessert!! (I may still do this, lol)

  72. I grew up in south Texas. I didn’t like hot, melty Ding Dongs in the summer, but my boyfriend shared a Ding Dong from the freezer. Fantastic! 🙂
    I married that man!

  73. My favorite memory (or memories) is all the times my mom took my siblings and I to the hostess store and we each could pick out a yummy treat! Good times….

  74. My absolute favorites hostess cake are the ding dongs. But I loved to peel the frosting off the cupcakes and eat the cake first and the frosting last! 😀

  75. My favorite memory of Hostess cupcakes were when my girlfriend and I were 7 years old and we would go to the store down the street and buy bunches of those wonderful chocolate cupcakes for 11 cents per package. We couldn’t wait to get outside to start eating them so we would sit on the curb out front and gorge ourselves until we could barely walk home. We knew our Mom’s wouldn’t have approved of the quantity we consumed!

  76. My favorite Hostess cake was (and still is) Ding Dongs! Mom used to have these for us when we got home from school!

  77. When I was a kid I lived in the valley and rode the bus to school. My siblings and I were the first ones to be picked up and the only ones on the bus for a good 20 minutes. I guess the driver felt bad for us (or just liked us the best!) because he would bring Hostess treats for us, and only us, once in a while. I always loved the chocolate Zingers the best!

  78. my favorite memory was stopping at 4 delis during a blizzard when i was in college trying to find the mini chocolate donettes. i could not finish my paper without them!

  79. My favorite Hostess Treat were the Powdered Doughnuts that came in a roll of 6. They were super cheap when I was little so I could buy them myself.

  80. Anything Hostess was a major treat. My mom rarely bought any, but I always loved them. We always buy the Ding Dongs and Cupcakes and freeze them. They’re so good frozen!!

  81. Oh, how I loved those apple fruit pies. There were my everyday after school treat, which was 25+ years ago! I think I need to have one soon!

  82. I will never forget the time that my wiggly tooth finally came out when I bit into the ding dong that was in my lunch box. Who new that hostess treats were so good for tooth extraction! 🙂

  83. I love the ho-ho’s, cupcakes, twinkies, and especially the little chocolate donettes. I used to love having them in my school lunch too when i brought lunch from home. My kids love the donettes in their lunches.

  84. I still by twinkies just for me and hide them from my husband as he would polishoff 2 or more in a day. When he would go looking for them, I would say that they forgot to pack them with the rest of the groceries. But on Vanetines day I did make hime a hostess heart with strawberries & whipped cream. He was delited. great stuff.

  85. Hostess Twinkees were a staple of my diet as a child! LOVED those things. I used to peel the top off, lick out all the cream inside and then eat the cake!

  86. My sweet Grandma always kept Dingdongs in the freezer for when we would come over. It was a special treat we only got at her house.

  87. My favorite memory is eating fruit pies, especially the cherry ones, savoring the flavor and thinking I had a huge dessert all to myself. The other one I love is Suzy Q. I separate the layers and enjoy the filling first! I just love Hostess and actually, I love everything they ever bake!!

  88. When I was pregnant with my first child, I absolutely craved Hostess cupcakes bigtime! I couldn’t get enough. She turned out perfectly thanks to the cupcakes.

  89. I had a friend growing up whose dad worked for Hostess. I used to love going to her house because they always had a little stash of Hostess treats. My favorite are Zingers!

  90. I would always eat the swirly frosting off the top of the cupcakes then pick out the filling with my finger, then eat the cake and the chocolate frosting off the top. it was a process. Made that sucker last!

  91. Frozen Twinkies are one of my Hostess favorites but the cupcakes were really special; we only had them once in a while. I would love to eat the white loops off first, than peel of the chocolate frosting and than finally gobble up the chocolate cupcake!

  92. My mom used to freeze ding dongs and ho-hos. There was a method to eat them including picking/eating the chocolate outside, unrolling the cake,eating the creme, and finally whatever cake was left!

  93. I love Hostess cakes! Twinkies and cream filled cupcakes were my favorites growing up, but the most fun to eat were the Ho-Hos. My brother and I would first eat off the chocolate coating, then nibble around the roll. We could make a ho ho last for quite a while, trying to make sure we didn’t bite into the bottom layers! Of course we always wound up with cream filling on our faces – such a waste of good cream filling! 🙂

  94. Twinkies were my favorite as a kid and my favorite lunchbox dessert I am excited to try these new flavors thanks for the chance to win

  95. Like you, I great up on Hostess and we too shopped at the Discount store…..back then, before I found Costco, it was my fav store! LOL

    Well, a few years ago I relocated from CA to OK and I CANNOT find HoHo’s here. I’ve gone to the local WM to inquire and they tell me every time……….”We sell swiss cakes”……Blastphamy! A true Hostess purist will agree that all “swiss cakes” are not make equally. I would rather suffer with non, than eat an imposter!

  96. I also remember Hostess being in my lunchbox in elementary school. It was always the first thing eaten at lunch time!

  97. Finding a hostess cupcake in my school lunch…it was always a good day when that was in there.

  98. I loved going to the Hostess store with my mom and brother. She would let us pick out which ones we wanted. One of my favorites was eating frozen twinkies.

  99. My favorite is the twinkie and I’d always try and eat as much of the cake part as possible to have a higher cake to filling ratio.

  100. I’m not sure if this is considered a favorite memory…at my house growing up the high school kids got to make their own lunches and got special hostess treats to take, and they were all kept in a lockbox, because they otherwise wouldn’t make it into the lunches. I remember the day when my brother figured out the lock code…we were stinkers, but we loved our twinkies.

  101. My favorite Hostess snack by far is Suzy Q. Everyday in Jr. High I would buy one for lunch with milk and I would skip the hot meal. Only if my mother knew, she would have die.

  102. Hostess Snacks were always a treat. We didn’t have them very often growing up. While these days I don’t care much for Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Chocodiles, Snowballs or Suzy-Qs, I think I will always love and eat Rasberry Zingers.

  103. I grew up eating Hostess for breakfast. One day while I was in high school my mother had hidden the last cupcake in a cupboard. I found it and ate it before I left for school and she was dismayed when at lunch time her cupcake was gone. I now have two reproduction metal signs, one of cupcakes and one of twinkies in my kitchen. Love Hostess.

  104. When I was little, my parents owed a donut shop and we, (my brother and I) would hang out in the shop with my parents everyday after school until late in the evening making donuts for the following day. So when birthdays rolled around my mother couldn’t be at home baking a special cake for us. So, she built a cake out of Hostess Twinkies and Ding Dongs with candles and everything! It has become a favorite birthday cake and fun family memory. Now, I still have to have a Ding Dong as a special treat on my birthday, just to re-live the fun of those long ago days. Gotta love Mom creativity!

  105. I remember going to the hostess store a kid as well. They have lots of fun treats. Mmmmm. Reading this makes me hungry for some!

  106. When I was 9 years old I had my tonsils out. My throat was so soar that I could hardly eat anything, but I remember my dad bringing home the powdered sugar doughnuts with raspberry filling and I couldn’t pass them up. 3 days after a tonsillectomy, I ate a doughnut. Life was good:)

  107. My favorite Hostess snacks growing up were the fruit pies. When I was in middle school, they were stocked in the vending machines in the cafeteria, and on the rare occasion my mom would give me a little extra money I always bought a Hostess apple pie.

  108. I have very fond memories of going to the Hostess store with my mom too! My favorite was the Suzy Q!

  109. I really like to chocodiles too! Whenever my shop and I grocery shop together, we usually get a treat to share afterwards!

  110. My mom would always buy the 2 pack cupcakes and split them with me. She would eat it like a regular cupcake but I would eat the cake part first and the frosting last mmmmmm.