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Today I wanted to share some favorite videos I love to watch and listen to on YouTube.  These are fab five YouTube music videos.  I am a big fan of a local artist who’s name is John Schmidt (aka The Piano Guys).  He is an awesome piano player and musician.  Recently, he has begun to take two popular songs that mesh well together and make a musical arrangement of the two.  He is most know for his arrangement of Cold Play and Taylor Swift called Love Story Meet Viva La Vida.  I love two of his newer videos.  This is Cold Play – Paradise African Style.

Fab Five YouTube Music Videos | realmomkitchen.com

YouTube video

I also love this one –  it’s Some Where Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts.  I wish I was right on the beach with them.  You really must check out the many videos he has on YouTube, my boys especially love Cello Wars.

YouTube video

Next up is a family who decided to make a video lip syncing to Friday sung by the Glee cast. What a fun family!

YouTube video

This is a video I was watching one day covering Adele’s Some One Like You.  It was the first time my daughter heard this song. She was in love with it from this video.  I love their version.  They are very talented. **Update – since posting this. The original video is no longer public. SO, I replaced it with another one I like from (imy2 Cover).

YouTube video

Last is a clip of my Fab Five YouTube Music Videos from the Ellen Show of Taylor Swift (LOVE HER) and Zac Efron (love him too) singing a duet together. They made a version of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks just for Ellen.

YouTube video

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  2. Such fun videos! I love Jon Schmidt and the Cellist. What a super cool and fun family. Thanks for sharing the videos with us!

  3. I LOVE Jon Schmidt and The Piano Guys…been following them for awhile now on facebook! I think one of my favorites is “Nearer My God to Thee” for 9 cellos.

    I also just watched the Ellen clip just a few days ago…loved it! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these videos! Already love the Piano Guys, they just ROCK! But seriously loved all these videos.

  5. thank you so much for introducing me to “the piano guy” Fabulous!!! what’s not to love about simple music from piano and cello? I’m a big cello fan anyway and have always loved piano. My mom played God rest her soul.