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Food Truck Fun and Waffle Love


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I have loved the whole concept of food trucks since watching the very first season of The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. Part of the draw for watching the show was Tyler Florence. I had the opportunity to get to meet him once. He is an amazing Chef and person. He is genuinely kind and I must admit, even better looking in real life.

So, I have watched all 4 seasons on the show and was extremely disappointed when I discovered that I somehow missed the show passing through my neck of the woods. I surely would have shown up to sample some of the competition. I have my fingers crossed for a 5th season but don’t know if it is gonna happen.

waffle love truck

In the time the show has been around, there has been a growth of food trucks in my area,the Salt Lake City and Utah County areas of Utah. According to a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune, the number of trucks has grown from 2 to 36 just in the Salt Lake City area in the last 4 years. I have wanted to sample food from some of these trucks now for years and set out to accomplish that this summer.

In the past, to get to many of these trucks I would have to drive anywhere from 20-45 minutes to find one. This wasn’t so convenient for this busy mom of 3. However, now they are traveling all over the Salt Lake Valley and have been parking to set up shop in areas that are only about 10 minutes from where I live. Or they could be found at events like fairs and events, many of which I wasn’t attending.

waffle love menu

Food Truck Fun and Waffle Love

One of the top food trucks I had on my list to hit was Waffle Luv. They have been popping up in my area for some time now, but I never took the time to follow them on social media to find out their schedule. Most food trucks have a Facebook page and Twitter account where they post a weekly or daily schedule of where you can find them.

waffle love truck evening

So I started social stalking Waffle Love, to watch for them to stop somewhere close to where I live. I finally saw a place that was close to me with a time that worked with my crazy life. I then informed my husband we would be taking a dessert date to hit a food truck. We both love waffles so I knew he would be up for it, and I was right.

They were parked in a parking lot on a Friday night near some popular restaurants. We chose a few waffles to “test” for research purposes for my blog post. I ordered a Biscoff, banana, and cream waffle. My husband selected bananas and caramel. We decided after testing these combinations that whipped cream is a must for these waffles. It definitely makes the waffle amazing. I liked the Biscoff, but figured Nutella would be even better. I have since sampled one with Nutella and raspberries and must say it is the bomb! That is what I would recommend.

Waffle Love collage

The waffles served at Waffle Luv are a liege version that can be found in Belgium.

They are made from a yeast dough with bits of pearl sugar that create bits of caramelized goodness in the waffle once cooked on a Belgium waffle maker. The consistency of the waffle itself is like a cross between what we know here as a waffle and a cookie. It is quite sweet, with a crunchy exterior and a soft and chewy inside.

We also sampled their pina colada, which I wasn’t expecting to see with waffles, but I must say it was mighty fine! I would go to this food truck just for one of those.

So I have plans to try out some other food trucks in the area and share with you my experience.  If you are in the area I have a list of food trucks that I am aware of. If you aren’t in the area, check to see if there are any food truck where you live. You just may find something amazing!

Here is a list of Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley Food Trucks (some are in both areas) that I am aware of. Leave a comment if you know of any others! I have learned from researching the average price to eat at a food truck here is around $8-$10.

Utah Food Trucks
  • A Guy and His Wife Grilled Cheese (sandwiches) -facebook.com/pages/A-guy-his-wife-grilled-cheese-truck/650415788306913
  • Art City Donuts (donuts) – facebook.com/artcitydonuts
  • Bento Truck (Japanese) – bentotruck.com or @ben-to_truck
  • Better Burger Truck (Burgers and Fries) – betterburgertruck.com or @BetterBurgerUT
  • Chow Truck (Asian fusion)- facebook.com/chowtruck or @chowtruck
  • Corndog Commander (hot dogs) – facebook.com/pages/Corndog-Commander/1450450331852879
  • Cupbop (Korean BBQ) -facebook.com/CupbopKoreanBBQ
  • Fiore (wood fire pizza) – facebook.com/fiorewoodfiredpizza
  • Food Cartel (crepes) – foodcartelslc.com
  • Gravy Train Poutinerie (poutinerie)- facebook.com/gravytrainpoutinerie
  • Grub Truck (global) – @GrubTruckSLC
  • Happy Food Truck (Burgers and Ribbon fries) – facebook.com/HappyFoodTruck
  • Off the Grid (waffle sandwiches) – facebook.com/OffTheGridSLC or @OffTheGridSLC
  • Pogi’s Pizza Truck (pita bread pizzas and salads)  -pogi-grill.com
  • Q4U (barbecue) – facebook.com/Q4UBBQTruckSLC
  • Rubadues Saucey Skillet (comfort food) – facebook.com/pages/Rubadues-Saucey-Skillet/147144678722167
  • Saturday’s Waffle (waffles) – facebook.com/saturdayswaffle or @saturdaywaffle
  • So Cupcake (cupcakes and ice cream) – socupcake.com @socupcake
  • Submarino’s (sandwiches) – facebook.com/sumarinostruck
  • Surefire Pizza (wood-fired pizza) – facebook.com/surefirepizza or @surefirepizza
  • The Grill Sergeant (hamburgers and hot dogs)- facebook.com/pages/The-Grill-Sergeant-Food-Truck/659668734062485
  • Waffle Love (liege waffles)- facebook.com/waffleloveutah
  • Waki Paki (Pakistani) – facebook.com/wakipaki-foodtruck or @wakipakifood








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Liege Belgian Waffles {Waffle Love Copy Cat} | Real Mom Kitchen March 26, 2015 - 8:19 am

[…] If you follow me on Instagram, you know I kind of have a little of an obsession with a local food truck called Waffle Love. […]

Kendahl July 14, 2014 - 10:15 am

I am in Utah county, on a quest to try all of the food trucks, and have been to the following:
The Matterhorn (french toast), Pyromaniacs Pizza (stove-fired pizza), Cravings Bistro (grilled cheese), The Mouse Trap (grilled cheese), Sweeto Burrito (burritos), La Table Crepes (crepes), Special Courses (fresh food, options vary), Stooks BBQ (BBQ sandwiches), Tacos Y Mariscos (Mexican street food), Boudreauxs Bistro (Cajun), Green Me (green smoothies), Macarollin (gourmet macaroni and cheese), Grill Sargent (burgers), Chedda Truck (burgers), Kona Shave Ice (snow cones), Pico Norte (street tacos)

Lesleigh A July 14, 2014 - 7:57 am

In Utah County there’s also Sweeto Burrito. My husband got one of the Thai Peanut burritos and I couldn’t stop taking “just one more bite”! Also in Utah County is a crepe’s truck. I can’t remember it’s name but I was in heaven eating their food. They all gather on Thursday nights in Provo (Orem and American Fork have nights too). A wonderful way to taste many different kinds of trucks in one place.