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Next week is gonna be Thanksgiving week at RMK.  So to get us all ready for the yummy recipes to come, I have a giveaway.  This Butterball Turkey giveaway will give 2 lucky readers their main item for their Thanksgiving meal – the turkey.

Thanksgiving is this girl’s FAVORITE holiday.  There is just something about gathering together as family for an amazing turkey dinner.  Where a meal is comprised of things that are usually reserved for this day or at least the combined collection of dishes is reserved just for this day.  Then you also look back on the past year and reflect upon all of the things that you are grateful for.  It is the best feeling ever.

I am frustrated that lately, Thanksgiving seems to be getting ever so slowly pushed aside for Christmas.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love Christmas.  However, I personally love Thanksgiving more.  I mean Christmas already basically had the whole month of December.  There is even Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving and I always looked forward to Black Friday as my end to Thanksgiving and a way to usher in the Christmas season.  However, now Black Friday shopping has crept over to Thanksgiving.  Stores are now open on Thanksgiving, which takes people away from enjoying the day.  Well, that’s my 2 cents.

Butterball Turkey Giveaway | realmomkitchen.com

Anyway, turkey is the center piece of your Thanksgiving meal and Butterball turkeys are my fave.  

They are so moist and yummy.  You can just salt and pepper your bird and it comes out tasting fabulous!  Not only does Butterball make a great turkey, they have been helping folks out with their Thanksgiving meal for years. Their Turkey Talk-Line experts are available to answer your Thanksgiving meal questions, share ways to save, or to gobble up any turkey-day cooking myths. I used them before when trying to deep fry a turkey.  They were right there to help me out.

You can also go to Butterball’s website to plan the perfect amount of servings you need in their perfect portion planner.    Just plug in the amount of adults and kids you plan on serving into the planner. There are boxes you can check to say we want leftovers, we are big eaters, or we are light eaters. Then, it will tell you the size of turkey you need along with the amount of stuffing.  So simple.  They also have video guides on topics such as how to thaw or carve.

Butterball Turkey Giveaway | realmomkitchen.com

This year Butterball also has an app to help you out – Butterball Cookbook Plus.

It includes recipes, your own recipe box, and a meal builder. They really are working to ensure families have a golden Thanksgiving this year.  I also wanted to help you out by sharing my golden rules for Thanksgiving to make sure your holiday meal is picture perfect.  Here are my rules.

1.  Have a plan – you need to have a plan and make sure it is detailed including grocery shopping, recipes, time frame, etc.

2. Enlist help – you don’t want to be completely frazzled on the big day.  Get guests to help out by bringing a dish or utilize bakeries, ect.  for some of your menu.  I have done this before by purchasing pies.

3.  Prepare before the big day – make those items that can be prepared in advance in advance!  Things like cranberry sauce, dressing, pies, and casseroles can be prepared ahead of time.

4. Use shortcuts – if there are shortcuts you can use to make life easier for you then do it.  This could be making your mashed potatoes in the slow cooker.  This way you can leave them for a while and when you are ready to prepare them you can.  Then you can place them back in the slow cooker to be kept warm.

To enter to win this Butterball Turkey giveaway for one of the 2 $20 turkey certificates from Butterball, leave a comment telling me you Thanksgiving golden rule.  You have until Wednesday Nov 14 at midnight (MST) to enter!


  1. My rule for Thanksgiving or any holidays – Don’t be afraid to ask quests to bring a dish to pass! Makes it easier on everyone 🙂

  2. My rule is homemade gravy from homemade stock, always. I make the stock a couple of weeks ahead of time and freeze it. Then I thaw and make the gravy the night before.

  3. The golden rule in my house? Always have two people helping out with the hot stuff and prep the cold stuff the day before hand.

  4. Plan ahead,prep as much as you can ahead of time,and enlist help from family. Just enjoy the day and don’t stress out about the little things, they always seem to work out in the end .

  5. Since finding out that my brother has terminal cancer, last Thanksgiving and again this year, we will be spending as much time as possible with him. Our family never really got along and this has made us realize that
    the past is the past. You must take today live it to the fullest and spend it wisely, for tomorrow is never promised. What more could you be thankful for than family.

  6. My golden rule is to be thankful for getting to spend the day with my family and to enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner for them!

  7. My golden rule is the stuffing must have some crunch to it. No soggy stuffing for us, so we don’t stuff the bird we cook it separately.

  8. My golden rule for Thanksgiving is we serve others who are not as fortunate as ourselves before we serve ourselves. I work in a Nursing Home where I see so many people all alone for the holidays with no visitors. After seeing this, I would feel guilty if I stayed home and sat around enjoying my day knowing there were so many lonely people on a day you are supposed to enjoy you’re loved one. I always postpone our family Thanksgiving to the weekend after. I spend the day starting a 3am preparing a large Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixings you could imagine and a large dessert spread for 150+ and stay to serve to ensure that all the Residents, any family members that may stop in, and all of the amazing staff working on the holiday get a home cooked holiday meal…it warms my heart and lets me enjoy my day with my family!

  9. I keep it pared down to just a couple of side dishes. If we have extra people coming, then i ask others to bring a side dish.

  10. We always have my grandmother’s banana and peanut salad. No one likes it but my sister and me, but we still make it and devour it. A reminder of our granny when she was alive.

  11. My golden rule is to just let what happens happen that day and not to stress out if things change at the last minute

  12. Same menu every year!!! Also to try and make grandma’s stuffing as close to her recipe at I can. I am getting better!!! Love that I can just stay home and cook and not travel!!

  13. My # 1 rule: Don’t stress about the food. Sure, the food is fantastic but I really enjoy just hanging out with my family playing games and watching football. Hard to do when I’m stuck in the kitchen preparing a feast. So we always have a potluck and there is plenty of time to play!

  14. If something unexpected happens, simply carry on! One year I had my husbands family over and I had a very small kitchen so after the potatoes were mashed I put the lid on and sat them in the sink (no where else to hold them) my husbands brother came in and ran water over them! We had instant potatoes that year!

  15. I have to agree that preparation is key! Have a plan, and make as many things ahead of time as possible.

  16. We always do a buffet. The Host family provides one or two meats and the rest of the family is asked to bring the rest. Since we rotate the hosting duties it makes it a whole lot less hectic each year.

  17. My rule is to remember to get out of the kitchen some too. Sometimes it gets so hectic with all the cooking that we forget to enjoy the time with our family.

  18. well i have two of them. 1) ALWAYS remove the bag from the inside of the bird… LOL and 2) ALWAYS save room for my pumpkin cheesecake.. 🙂

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  20. The company is more important than the food. One year I went to my in-laws. We didn’t have olives. At my house we ALWAYS had olives. You could go without the turkey, but you had to have olives. Sadly I remember the lack of olives more than the company I had that year. Now I try to not worry about if something doesn’t go quite as planned traditionally. It’s more important for me to be aware of the people I am with when I have that meal.

  21. We always start the day cuddling with the kids while we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. It’s a tradition! My other tip I discovered last year, is that I cook our turkey in a turkey roaster. It frees up valuable oven space and cooks in less time. Everyone commented how it was the best turkey yet! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  22. My golden rule is to have to be prepared to be stress free. Make a menu, shopping list, prep ahead of time with cooking, what will go into what pan, how long and what order to cook things in etc. I love Thanksgiving!!!

  23. I think my number one rule would be…. HAVE FUN! I love to cook and I don’t want the stress to get in the way of that, so I remind myself that the time of the meal is negotiable and the fun is not.

  24. Prep as much of the food ahead of time that I can,and, just enjoy myself and not stress about everything being perfect!

  25. My golden rule is to remember that people (friends and family) are more important than things (perfectly cooked food)–enjoy the day!!

  26. I make lots of lists. I get most of my shopping done early. Prep and prepare as much as I can the week of Thanksgiving so the day goes smoother. I get my table set on Wednesday. We eat later in the day which helps so I don’t have to get up at 5 AM to get the turkey on!

  27. My rule: Stay near home. I don’t travel out of town for holidays. It’s so much more relaxing. My parents were divorced and bounced me back and forth every big holiday. It was the worst two hour drive ever. Ever since I became a grown up I have refused to travel. If anyone wants to see me for the holiday they can hop in the car, we’ll get the guest room ready. Perhaps a cautionary tale to divorced parents.

  28. My golden rule for Thanksgiving is to make the holiday as stress free as possible so we can enjoy the holiday. I try to prepare all the side dishes the day before and warm them just before the meal.

  29. My rule is to always go to someone else’s house for dinner, but take a great dessert with you.

  30. My rule is I always make a list so I don’t miss out on any ingredient. I like to shop early too and not wait till the day before. Thanks!

  31. Divide and conqueror. We split the duty of prep work and bring it together at the designated house and cook together.

  32. My rule for Thanksgiving is just go with the flow, if it’s done in time, we eat it, if not, we eat it later…Just be thankful we have a meal.

  33. my rule is get everyone to help out in the kitchen and if something goes wrong, dont freak out.

  34. My golden rule is to focus on the meaning of the holiday ..not all of the craziness that goes with it.

  35. My Golden rule is to be thankful and enjoy the day with ffamily. I agree Laura thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and iit upsets me that it is being shoved aside by Christmas

  36. Golden Rule: keep your sense of humor. Last year we cooked a 25 lb turkey on the grill as it was removed, placed on a beautiful platter and being carried to counter in the kitchen to rest the platter broke in half and my turkey fell to floor. My boys invoked the 20 second rule removing it to a large carving board while a group of 10 of us laughed until our sides hurt. Best turkey I ever made and was named “Dirty Tom”.

    We will not try for a repeat this year but just remember the glass is always half full if you keep your sense of humor and enjoy what is not within your control. Happy Thanksgiving!

  37. Don’t have any rules yet. I haven’t made a Thanksgiving dinner since 1995! This is our first year not being with scads of family. Then maybe my rule this year will be to keep it simple, so I can still enjoy my family in the process!

  38. My Golden Rule is to not overcook the turkey. A butterball is always perfect. And, even with all the wine consumed, don’t fight with your family. Remember, they are yours, and you gotta love them.

  39. My golden rule for Thanksgiving is no matter what, spend as much time with the family as possible that day. Cooking together, playing games, watching a Christmas move, whatever. The computers, iPad, and Wii go away for good old classic fun. Can you guess that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, too? 🙂

  40. Homemade is my golden rule as well as to enjoy the day as it a day to treasure with friends and family to be thankful for many blessings.

  41. My rule is to go with the flow and enjoy the day. All the plans in the world can go out the door, but the day will still be great because you are with the people that matter most to you.

  42. My rule is to make thanksgiving meals not only delicious, but also healthy. I don’t use any canned ingredients, only fresh ones

  43. I like everything homemade. Homemade turkey dressing, not bagged or boxed store bought stuffing. Boiled potatoes for the cream potatoes. Turnip or Mustard greens boiled myself.

  44. My golden rule is everything has to be homemade. No instant potatoes, no store bought pies. The great memories are made from learning new recipes and being proud of your work.

  45. Relax, eat, smile, whatever happens, happens, be thankful and to always just enjoy the moments that will someday be memories. I try to always do homemade but getting store bought doesn’t change the meaning of Thanksgiving and making memories 🙂

  46. My golden rule is to keep it simple. Oh and we always have the Thanksgiving meal mid-afternoon and have pie for dinner.

  47. My golden Thanksgiving rule is to enjoy the family day and make memories, and don’t even go near a store the whole day!

  48. My golden rule is to go around the table and have everyone say what they are thankful for and end in a prayer.

  49. My Thanksgiving golden rule is to not stress too much and enjoy the day even if it doesn’t turn out the way you remember or anticipated.

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