Best Breads of 2022

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I love bread. So this best breads of 2022 category is a favorite of mine! This year’s group includes a combination of sweet breads on yeast breads.

First up for the best breads of 2022 is these cheesy homemade breadsticks. The dough for these is made with water, honey, yeast, salt, season salt and flour. I just add all of the ingredients to my Kitchen Aid mixer and combine it together with the dough hook. The thing I love about these breadsticks is they are still good the next day. 

Best Breads of 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

Second is a cinnamon roll coffee cake. It’s a perfect combination of an easy coffee cake and the flavors of a cinnamon roll. We tried eating the coffee cake warm and completely cooled. We all agreed it was better to eat when it was fully cooled.

Third is for homemade white sandwich bread. There’s something about eating a nice thick slice of hot homemade bread on a cold wintery day! This recipe is the perfect recipe for such an occasion. Whether you like your bread with butter or jam, this recipe is sure to please. Pair is with one of the best soup recipes of 2022 I will be sharing tomorrow.

Last is a copy cat version Starbuck’s pumpkin cream cheese muffins.  These muffins are fabulous! It’s like having a little pocket of cheesecake surrounded by pumpkin muffin. Plus, they freeze well too.

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