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Best Appetizers of 2016

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It’s that time of year! We are counting down to the New Year with the best recipes of 2016 that I have shared with you. We are starting off with the best appetizers of 2016, the proper way to start off. They would all be great to serve for News Years too!

Here are the Best Appetizers of 2016!

Pizza Dip – This is another easy recipe that turns out to be amazingly tasty. All you need to do is put the ingredients in a crock pot. You just let it go on low for a couple of hours and just give it a stir half way through and your done.

BLTTA Sliders РThe recipe is for 8 sliders but could be easily doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled to feed game day group. These BLTTAs may be sliders but they are quite filling for their size!

Candied Tomato Bruschetta – When I served it at my tea party, people said it tasted like strawberries! It is definitely a surprise to the taste buds and is so easy to make.

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