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My family is Unstoppable and I have an uncrustables giveaway.  Luckily, my husband and I both have jobs that allow us to be flexible and fit into our children’s schedule.  We are always on the move.  Whether it be to doctor appointments, school activities, scouts, swim practice, or driving school -we are on the move.  We also love to experience the beauty of the outdoors here in Utah.  We are so close to so many wonderful places – the mountains and the dessert.  One of our favorite places to visit is Aches National Park.  We love to visit there and capture our memories with photos.


Unstoppable families are always on the move, so it’s important to be prepared to capture memories as they happen.  That’s why Smucker’s® Uncrustables®  celebrating with the Smucker’s Uncrustables Unstoppable Family Photo Contest. From now until November 1st, families can share a photo of where they enjoy their Uncrustables sandwiches in their unstoppable family adventures for a chance to win $15,000 and a year’s supply of Uncrustables. You can submit your entries – which must include an Uncrustables product or package in the photo – at www.uncrustables.com.

Smucker’s Uncrustables has also provided a giveaway for one lucky Unstoppable RMK reader to celebrate.  The prize pack includes:

  • $50 Shutterfly Gift Certificate
  • Digital Photo Frame
  • Uncrustables Coupons
To enter, just leave a comment on this post from now until Wednesday Oct 31 at midnight (MST) telling me why you or your family is unstoppable.

Uncrustables has also partnered with Olympic gold medal figure skater and busy mom-of-two, Kristi Yamaguchi, to offer tips and back to school ideas for on-the-go families. Visit www.uncrustables.com to check out Kristi’s tips and unstoppable family videos.


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  2. we are unstoppable cuz through hard times we have stuck together..
    like when we almost lost our house through foreclosure

  3. We are unstoppable because that’s the best way to get through the tough times! Plus, we realize it’s so much more fun to be busy doing things together 🙂

  4. We are super close and talk about everything. We pull together when things arise beyond our control.

  5. We have had a really hard year this year financially and a bunch of sickness. No matter what we have each other and God to get us through. We are unstoppable.

  6. My unstoppable family loves outdoor activities, playing games, visiting family and just having fun together! We love smuckers uncrustables too!!!

  7. We’re unstoppable since we’re always on the go too. There’s soccer, baby gym, playdates, parties, work, and fun days out.

  8. We are unstoppable because we stick together as a family through thick and thin!

  9. My family is unstoppable because we work as a team… we trust one another 100% and have a respect and love for one another, we will always have each other’s backs.

  10. We are unstoppable because we have a 1 year old with special needs and have plenty of doctor appointments and therapy sessions to deal with.

  11. we’re unstoppable because we literally never stop haha sometimes i wish we did have a day with no where to be!

  12. We are unstoppable because we have 2 crazy kids (5 and 2) who don’t let us stop–kids have so much energy 🙂

  13. Although our kids are grown, we are unstoppable keeping up with all the grandkids activities!

  14. I’ve so far got two little boys that definitely keep us going! Add to my husband’s various nighttime sports and our love of weekend trips and hikes, we’re totally unstoppable.

  15. Right now my husband is applying and interviewing for medical residency programs in anesthesia. The past few months have been never-ending with applications, interviews, plans of the future….Can’t wait for the crazy process to end just in time for something new to come along!

  16. We are unstoppable because we have each other! When things get rough we try to laugh & make the best of things. Our oldest is 15, middle child is almost 2 and #3 will be here in Feb 2013! There is always something going on to keep us moving!

  17. Church, school, homework, friends and just being a kid, Saturday games, three activities every night, health issues. But we sit to eat dinner together as a family every single night….sometimes at 4:30 and sometimes at 7:30, that’s where we do pause for a moment powering us on to be unstoppable.

  18. I think that we are unstoppable because we have each other. That’s the way we make it through every day – -busy, crazy, hectic and overwhelming as it may be. We have each other and that’s how the days begin and end.

    And Uncrustables make a lot of that craziness easier!

  19. My Son And I Are Unstoppable To A Point…Everyone Has Their Breaking Point…And Ours Feel Like It Is Looming Over Our Heads!! My Son Is A Senior In High School…And He Is A Type 1 Diabetic, And He Has Lupus, And Hashimoto Syndrome. For The Past 3 Months Or So…My Son Has Been Really Sick With So MANY Different Issues…But We Keep Fighting And Plugging Along. My Son Now Has A Fungal Infection In His DEEP INNER EAR. He Got It From Being Given The Wrong Medication, And It Caused His Eardrum To Rupture, And Many Of The Membranes Of The Inner Ear Are Extremely Destroyed. He Now Has Significant Hearing Loss, And Has To See The ENT 2 Times A Week To Clean Out The Fungus, Takes Eardrops 4 Times A Day, And Takes Another Oral Medication..:(
    I Would Love To See The Smile On My Son’s Face If We Won This Contest!! That Would Be SOOO Cool!! 🙂

  20. My family is unstopable becasue this past year has brought a lot of hardships, especially with my husband loosing his job (still looking), but we’ve all kept going stong. Just proves nothing can stop us if we stick together 🙂

  21. Umm, let’s see…..soccer, basketball, guitar, drums, religion, school, parties, work, dog…..I think that sums it up. Plus, my son thinks the day begins and ends with Uncrustables!

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