Top 3 Burger Places

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Today, I thought it would be fun to share my top 3 burger places with all of you. I do love a good old juicy burger and there are 3 places that I love to frequent.

Tony Burgers

First of my top 3 burger places is Tony Burgers. This place actually started in Utah by a guy that my husband went to high school with. Unfortunately they only have locations in Utah, but if us Utahns show this place enough love their is always a chance it could expand beyond my state.

The owners went on a quest to figure out how to make the perfect burger. They found 3 key things to make a burger great include, the freshness of the bun, the make-up of the meat, and and exactly how it was cooked. I think this is part of the reason their burgers are so fabulous. The research into their product was intense.

I also love the array of toppings available here. There is an upcharge for some toppings like cheese or bacon. However, they have a good amount hat are included with the price of your burger. My favorite burger to order is a small Tony with swiss cheese, mushrooms, grilled onions, lettuce, and ranch.

Their fries are also amazing! They cut fresh potatoes every day, and cooked twice in just the right blend of oil. I love to dip them in the Utah staple of fry sauce. They also have Tony sauce which is like fry sauce but leveled up with more ingredients. Oh, and don’t forget the shakes. These are the kind that you can drink with a straw. I love their strawberry flavor and seasonal candy cane flavor.

Five Guys Burger and Fries

My next pic is Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They have locations throughout the US. These guys serve hand-formed burgers cooked to perfection on a grill along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil. So they are similar to Tony Burgers, but also different.

I love these guys also have a bunch of toppings that are included with their burger. They have a nice sesame seed bun too. I like to order a the little cheeseburger or little bacon cheeseburger. For toppings I usually get mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onion, and ketchup. I love a good amount of toppings on my burger.

Their fresh cut fries are a thicker that Tony Burgers. However, both have a place in my book. I love that you can also order their fries with Cajun style. They are coated with Cajun seasoning. Fry sauce is also a must in my book which they also offer here. They also offer shakes here, but I have yet to try one from here.


Last place that I love to get a good old burger from is Culver’s. These can also be found throughout the US. This is also the most economical of my 3 fav places. Now here my favorite trick is to just order the kids meal. The cheeseburgers in the kids meal are just as big as the burgers in their baskets. They also come with a good amount of toppings. I get mine with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, mayo, and ketchup. They do have their burgers with a lightly buttered, toasted bun too. YUM!

They fries here are nut fresh cut, but are a delicious crinkle cut fry that are always cooked fresh and hot. I eat my fries first because I love them hot and fresh! I can also get fry sauce here too to enjoy with my fries. The kids meal has a perfect amount of fries for me. I also love the onion rings here too.

Now here is why I love to get the kids meal. It comes with a free scoop of frozen custard. The coupon to get it is on the kids meal sack. You can get the flavor of the day or their vanilla or custard yogurt with 1 topping. If the flavor of the day isn’t one I want I usually order the vanilla custard with hot fudge or hot caramel! The other bonus about the kids meals is they come with a Scoopie token coupon on the kids meal sack too. Once you collect 10 Scoopie tokens you can redeem them for 1 free kids meal!

Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

I am going to share one last bonus burger place. Now I like this place for their pastrami burger. It’s called Nielsen’s Frozen Custard. Again this is a Utah restaurant only, sorry. With this I do have to say, I do not recommend the Layton location. I have eaten there and it’s just not as good as the Bountiful or South Jordan locations. I guess they also just opening a West Jordan location February 17th.

Now I love a pastrami burger and this is the place to get it! it includes lettuce, tomato, pickles, fresh onion, and special sauce. I don’t know what is all in the special sauce , but it is delicious. Now, I would say it is similar to McDonald’s special sauce. I also love their pastrami grinder or grilled ham and cheese here too.

Fries and onion rings are good here also. However, the custard is where it is really at. I often get their single F.C. topper. It’s one scoop with one or two toppings. I like the raspberries or the hot fudge with pecans. If I am coming here just for custard then I get the Concrete mixer. I love the seasonal pumpkin with pecans or caramel with pecans.

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