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Tips for Disneyland 2022

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It’s always good when you can get info to help you on you family trip. So, today I am sharing my tips for Disneyland 2022. My family recently enjoyed our family vacation there and I want to share what I have learned.

Daily Park vs. Park Hopper

Now, if you want to go to both parks, I do feel you can do I with a two day pass. Just spend one day at each park. It can be done. However, if you have really young kids, you may want 3 days. Littles just take more time. In that case, I would do two days at Disneyland and one day at Disney California Adventure.

I personally think you can do without paying the extra for the park hopper pass. Only thing is, Disney California Adventure park closes earlier. So if you want to hop over to the other park for a few more hours you could use the hopper pass. Personally we enjoyed having an earlier night to return to the hotel.


I definitely feel that adding Genie+ to your tickets is worth the added costs. You are able to get the lightening line, when definitely helps you avoid waiting in long lines. You will also receive attraction and dining recommendations inspired by what you told Disney Genie service you’re most interested in.

This also allows you to mobile order food, make dining reservations, check into a restaurant and join a dining walk-up list from the app on your phone. We used the mobile ordering for most of our time in both parks. If the dining place offered it, we did it. this was a big time saver.

Tips for Disneyland 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

The feature also gives you Unlimited Disney PhotoPass. This way there is no need to ask strangers to get pictures of your group. There are park photographers located throughout the park to take your photos. They also add a little Disney magic to some of the photos too. Just give the photographer the QR code provided from the app and your photos are added to your account.

After your trip, just download all of your photos and you are set. we added all of your photos to a folder in our Dropbox account in addition to adding them to our apple account. This way we have 2 places for our photos storage. So we won’t lose them.


I personally recommend getting a hotel with in walking distance. It gives you more time to spend in the park and hotel parking costs less than parking in the park. Also, if you do need to go back to the hotel for any reason, you can be do this quickly.

Since you mainly just go to the hotel to sleep, I tried to save as much as I can on my hotel. I mean you are at the park all day and just go back in the evening to sleep. We opted to stay at the Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites. I felt the accommodation were just fine. It also worked for our group of 5. We had 2 queen beds and one sofa bed.

Our room did include a continental breakfast. This consisted of some fresh fruit, drinks, cereal, Danishes, and granola bars. Nothing too fancy but enough to grab a little something before heading out for the day. We would just grab something there to get us by until we were in the park. We love to eat in the park and still had a breakfast once we got in the park. You do a lot of walking and burn a lot of calories. So we love to eat throughout the day to keep our energy up. The granola bars were something we also took with us in the park as a snack if needed.

In the Park

If you have small kids bring a stroller. If you have anyone older who has trouble walking rent an electric wheel chair. Disney has ones you can rent but supply is limited. So I recommend renting it from a rental place. They have companies that will take them and pick them up from your hotel.

Tips for Disneyland 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

We used for one for my husband. He has had numerous back surgeries and 3 neck surgeries due to degenerative disc disease. Standing your long amounts of time and walking long distances are hard for him. We want to enjoy our time in the park. SO to make that happen, we rented a Jazzy. Let me tell you it was well worth the money. We walked over 15,000 step both days at the parks.

Bring some type of water bottle to stay hydrated. Make sure you grab plastic or stainless steel because you can’t have glass. There are places through out the park that you can refill them. Most dining places will provide cups of water too. However, you can only ask for them when you walk up order. There isn’t a way to order free cups of water on the app.

If you are going at a time of year that is hot, I recommend bringing a cooling towel per person. All you have to do is get them wet and place them around your neck. They are small enough to carry in a small purse, fanny pack etc. until you need them. We did find a store in California Adventure park that sold Disney ones. My son and daughter-in-law ended up buying some from these. They were at Rushing Rivers Outfitters over by the Grizzly River Run ride.

There are a few rides like Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run here you will get wet. If you don’t want to get wet on those rides, then bring a cheap disposable rain poncho you can wear just on those rides. Then toss it in the trash when you are done. That’s my quick tips for Tips for Disneyland 2022.

Tips for Disneyland 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

Last tips for Disneyland 2022 is matching shirts.

I know, they can seem cheesy to all have matching shirts, but it does make it easy to find your group members and for those people on the rides to identify the members of your group as you go to get on a ride. We found our shirts on clearance at Walmart for $5.50. They don’t even have to be Disney shirts. Any shirt that is matching works great. We just had matching shirts at Disneyland and not at California Adventures. That day we were wishing we all had matching shirts.

I have a separate posts for food at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Click on the links to get info about food in the parks.

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