Disney California Adventure Food 2022

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Today, I am talking food from the other side of Disneyland, we are talking Disney California Adventure food 2022. I must say that I feel that the food at this park is a little more pricey. We also used the app here to order when possible, rather than spending time standing in a line.

It seems breakfast is more limited in this park. There was a cart that sold breakfast burritos that was out of them by the time we got to the cart. So we found some breakfast at Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Café. It’s basically the Starbuck’s of the park. They sell items similar to what you can get at Starbucks. My son and his wife enjoyed the egg bites $5.49. Those are a favorite!

Disney California Adventure Food 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

My husband, daughter, and I all ordered breakfasts sandwiches. My hubby had the double smoked bacon, cheddar, and egg sandwich for $5.99 My daughter picked he sausage, cheddar, and egg, breakfast sandwich for $4.99 They both loved their sandwiches.

I opted for the breakfast sandwich with bacon, gouda, and egg. It was on a ciabatta type roll that was so soft and delicious. The gouda added some nice smokiness. I also ordered a Pineapple Passion fruit refresher. You can get it made with lemonade or water. This was delicious and I am so glad I got it. After finishing my drink, I was still left with the ice and freeze dried pineapple in the cup. So I filled it with water. I was like getting a complete second drink of pineapple water. As I was drinking it I got those bits of freeze dried pineapple to eat too. LOVED this. We did have to stand in line here. No ordering on the app was available for here.

Disney California Adventure Food 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

For Snacks and Treats

My daughter was wanting to try the Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait from Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats for $7.49. You are not able to use the app to order here. You do have to stand in line. However, my daughter had been dying to try the parfait. It included a nondairy lemon soft serve along with a blue raspberry swirl, which was more like a blue raspberry slush. I must say that in the time we got it and walked over to where to sit, the blue raspberry part was a little melty and the parfait was a mess to eat. The lemon squirl on top wanted to tip and fall on top of the blue raspberry. It was tasty but frustratingly messy for her to eat. It is large enough to share, but my daughter wanted it all to herself.

My husband and I went for the soft serve in a cup $5.79. He got the lemon and mango swirled together. He loved it. I decided to get all mango. So glad I did! It was so delicious. I did sample the lemon too. I love lemon but the lemon soft serve was actually too lemony for me.

Disney California Adventure Food 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

My daughter had her eyes on an M & M brownie she had seen on social media. It took a bit to find it, but it was actually at the Craftsman Grill inside Disney’s Grand California Hotel. It was $6.50. You can order on the app for this restaurant. However, we just ordered in person because we wanted to make sure we got the right brownie. The down side is since it is in the hotel, you do have to go back through security when you go back to the park. My daughter was happy with the brownie. She did let her brother try it and he said it was much better than he had expected it. I believe there was one you could also get with Reese’s Pieces, which I think I would have liked more.

Lunching in Cars Land

For lunch we wanted to head over to Cars Land. However, my son and daughter-in-law wanted to grab a turkey leg to enjoy as part of their lunch. I have heard and seen these before at Disneyland, but never had one. They pick up one from The Poultry Palace for $12.99. This is definitely large enough for 2 people to share. I sampled their turkey leg and must agree that it is as amazing has all the hype. Then we headed over to Cars Land to get the rest of our food.

Disney California Adventure Food 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

My son and his wife wanted something else to enjoy with their turkey leg. So they opted for a mac and cheese cone from the Cozy Cone #3 for $9.99. My husband decided to try that too. They were able to order that from the app. It’s all in a bread cone. They thought they were delish!

My daughter and I wanted to get food from Flo’s V8 Café which was right next to the Cozy Cones. We also used to the app to order. She got the Ka-Cheeseburger for $12.79 and included steak fries. I picked to Ramone’s Low and Slow Club for $12.99. You can get it with mandarin oranges or steak fries. I couldn’t help but get the fries. We both loved ours but were so hungry we completely forgot to get a picture once our order was ready. Both were fantastic.

Pacific Warf Café – Disney California Adventure Food 2022

For dinner we heated over to the Pacific Warf Café which also allowed ordering on the app. We all opted for the bread bowl meals for $11.99. We could get clam chowder, broccoli cheese soup, or mac and cheese served in a delicious sourdough bread bowl. My son and I chose the clam chowder. Can you say AMAZING!

My husband and daughter-in-law went for the broccoli cheese soup. They both were happy. Last was my daughter, with the mac and cheese. She is a mac and cheese connoisseur and gave it two thumbs up. I hope you find this Disney California Adventure Food 2022 post helpful for your trip.

Disney California Adventure Food 2022 | realmomkitchen.com

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