Stitch Fix #3

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Today, I have my Stitch Fix #3 to share with all of you. I must say this fix went much better than #2, but I only kept 2 items.

Stitch Fix 3 Package l

Stitch Fix #3 |
First, I finally got a piece of jewelry sent to me. It is a pave linked chain necklace with yellow enamel for $38.

I loved the length and the look of this necklace. I never would have picked yellow if it was sitting there with other colors, but I absolutely love the yellow. It will add a nice pop of color to whatever I wear with it. It was a keeper.

Stitch Fix 3 necklace |

The other item I was sent that I decided to keep was this galway bird print button up blouse for $58.

Again, I don’t think I would have pick this shirt off a rack if I was shopping in a store, but loved it. I loved the shape of the blouse along with the print. I especially love the 3/4 length sleeves. The blouse, by itself, is a little low in the front from what I normally wear. However, the blouse is sheer, so I need to wear something under it anyway, so no problem. I will just pair it with a shirt that has a higher neck line.

Stitch Fix 3 bird print |

Next was a beautiful red (more of a rusty red) Erika mixed knit crew neck sweater for $88.

I was in love with the color along with the mixed texture, but there was one main problem with this sweater. It had these 2 notches in the front right at the bottom. These notches drew attention right to my hips which is definitely not a place that I want to draw attention to on my body. I was truly sad that this sweater didn’t work because I liked so much about it.

Stitch Fix 3 sweater |

My fourth item was a black northridge cowlneck jersey top for $68.

On my invoice, my stylist suggested I pair this with the Kensie jeans I kept from my first shipment and add the chain necklace from this shipment also. She said it would be “a fun casual look for you”. I love dolman style tops and loved the fit of this one with the exception of the cowlneck. I struggle with finding items with a cowlneck that work for me.  The neck goes too low on me and doesn’t look good with a cami underneath. If this shirt didn’t have the cowlneck, I totally would have kept it. I loved the material. It was a comfy waffle type knit. I must admit, I would have preferred a color other than black, but still would have kept it if the neckline was different.

Stitch Fix 3 cowlneck dolman |

My last item was a stellan stripped open drape cardigan for $68.

This is the one item I did not like at all. The large bold stripes where not flattering at all on me. They actually made me look bigger. The style also seemed to make me look better. It would have been interesting to see if I would have liked better in a solid color. This cardigan just seemed to completely overwhelm my body.

Stitch Fix 3 stripped cardigan |

So all in all, this fix was more of a hit. I am really hoping for a skirt or pants with my next fix. The one pair of pants I have been sent, I love. I have been sent dresses, but none of them worked which is usually how it goes for me. Skirts tend to be a much better option for my body rather than dresses. What do you think about what I was sent?

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  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I’m a fellow Stitchfixer. Just got my first “fix” a few days ago and I’m keeping two things from it.

    To Kate- check out Stitchfix’s blog, they have a lot of cool fashion-related ideas and I’ve gotten some good ideas on what to do with things in my current wardrobe. I’ve even made some thrift some store finds based on some things in the blog. They sent me a dress that I loved which was $68 and the other 3 tops/ cardigans were each $48. I decided to keep the dress and a cardigan. My wardrobe is pathetic and I can’t match. My budget is a little tight but I made some room for this and I was happy that I did. I think I’ll do it again in a few months. I don’t work for this store or anything but you might want to check them out, they have a lot of things that are reminiscent of Stitchfix and they have some nice sales in their physical stores if you’re near one:
    Also Forever21 is a good place to find some cheaper trendy clothes….definitely kind of overwhelming in there sometimes but great for enamel jewelry, cheap camis, cute flowy tops, etc.

  3. I ordered and should receive my stitch fix by early November … I hope it works, although it seems a bit pricey?

    Mom on a fixed budgee … 🙁