Stitch Fix #10

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So the last few months I have been crazy busy with several trips I had along with a 10 day family vacation. I was having a hard time keeping up with everything. I had to reduce the amount of posts I was doing because I just couldn’t do it all. As part of that, I got behind in my Stitch Fix #10 posts. I have actually had 3 shipments that I haven’t shared with you all yet.

So for the next few Saturdays, I will be getting you all caught up on what I have been sent. So here is what I got in my #10 shipment in April.

First up was a Micah Glitter Donut Infinity Scarf for $28.

I loved the light purple and pink colors, but really felt right now I don’t need another scarf, especially going into summer. Sent it back.



Next was a Filbert Abstract Floral 3/4 sleeve blouse for $58.

This one was too small. Even if it fit, I would not have kept it. I have too many black and white blouses. However, it was cute. Sent it back.


Then there was this Indy Fit and Flare Ponte Dress for $78.

I love the color but it looked awful on me. Did not like the style or fit on this at all. Sent it back!


Next, this Alvin Striped Long Sleeve Sweater for $68.

Loved the fit and it was light weight so it could carry into Summer. However, I have way too many striped items and too many navy and black tops. Send this back with a sad face.


Last, was this Arcadia Striped Crew Neck Sweater for $58.

Now I know I just said I had too many striped items, but the color of this was too fun to pass up. I loved the orange and tan stripes. It was also very light weight and loved the texture of the knit. It fit perfectly and I took it and wore it for the first time on a trip I had. One issue I have discovered with this sweater is it can snag easily.

First time I took it off after wearing it, I set it on a chair and set my bra on top of it. Bad Move! The next day when I went to pick up my bra and the hook on it caught on the sweater and pulled some of the threads. I used a needle to poke them back in and you can’t tell. Then the second time I wore it, something caught on the sleeve. Again used a needle to poke the pulled threads back in and for the most part you can’t tell. Love it but don’t love that it snags easily. Would be less concerned if it cost less than what I paid.


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