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Today, I’m stepping out of my kitchen to talk entertainment with something old and something new. I was raised on tv and so was my husband. So, we do enjoy ending our day each night with a little tv.

A little bit ago, we were trying to find a new show to watch. We ended up deciding to watch an old tv show called Castle. I remember hearing about the show but never watched it. It’s a crime mystery/comedy/ drama series that was on ABC from 2009-2016. There is a total of 8 seasons.


The main character in this show is Ricard “Rick” Castle, played by Nathan Fillion. Rick is a best selling mystery novel writer. He ends up helping the New York police department when there is a killer who is following the crime he wrote about in one of his novels. He is paired with detective Kate Beckett played by Stana Katic. She then inspires Rick to write a new book series with a character based off of Kate.

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Rick ends up getting permission to shadow Kate and her daily life as a detective as research for his books. He actually ends up becoming a valuable asset in helping solve various crimes. Rick and Kate become friends who eventually turn into lovers. Susan Sullivan also plays Rick mother and Molly Quinn plays his daughter. If you are a Hallmark fan, you will also notice various actors and actress who are regulars in many Hallmark Movies like Victor Webster and Kristoffer Polaha. There are other well knowns who who can be found in this show to such as James Brolin, Lisa Edelstein, Gerald McRaney, and Jack Coleman.

We absolutely loved this show and would highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. The writers on here did an awesome job with storylines. We loved all the twists and turns through out the seasons. This show definitely got better as the seasons went on.

Something Old and Something New |

When we first started the series we had to get DVD from our local public library. However, recently Hulu added it to their service. That is where we finished watching the series. You can also find episodes airing on the Lifetime network.

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The last season the final episode ended in a big cliffhanger. However, the show unfortunately wasn’t renewed. At the end of the episode, a fast forward to 7 years in the future is where the series ends. I’m guessing this was added on as a way to finish the series for fans after the show was cancelled.

Ordinary Joe

Next, is my something new that I wanted to share with all of you. If you are a big fan of the series, This Is Us, then you will also love Ordinary Joe. This is a drama series that just started in the fall of 2021. James Wolk stars as the main character Joe Kimbrough. The show starts with Joe graduating from college at Syracuse University. From there the show takes a look and 3 different paths that Joe could take from that day.

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On one path, Joe follows his passion for music. On the second path, Joe follows the work of his father and uncle and becomes a cop. For the third path, he marries his college sweetheart and becomes a nurse. The stories run parallel showing the same points in time and where Joes life would be depending on the path he chose. Episode 12 actually aired last night.

This show also has a great cast. It has Renae Ramsay as Joe’s mom. It also includes Charlie Bennett, Elizabeth Lail, Natalie Martinez, and Jack Coleman.

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I did not start watching this show when it was the start of the series. I watched the first 10 episodes on Hulu and then picked up when the series picked up again for 2022. Now, I love the whole premise of the story, showing how different life can turn out just by what decision you make. I love this show and think that any fans of This is Us will also love the show. As of today, that has been no plans as to whether or no Ordinary Joe will be back for a second season. Maybe if you will join me, it will get a second season and we will all have this show to enjoy when This is Us ends it’s final season this year. There ya go, that’s my something old and something new!

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