Readers Choice for 2022

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Today we are taking a look back at 2022 to see what recipes you all were visiting the most from all the posts that went up in 2022. It’s the readers choice for 2022.

First up for the readers choice for 2022 is one of my healthy recipes. This recipe if for a healthy Big Mac salad.  My family said this salad tastes just like a Big Mac. This salad gives you the flavors of a Big Mac burger but only comes in at 9 WW Personal Points.

The second top recipe was for these mini fruit cookie tarts. They are great to serve for a tea party or baby/bridal shower. Plus, that are really easy to make. You just need 3 ingredients plus whatever fruit you wish to use to top them. You just need refrigerated sugar cookie dough, Cool Whip and cream cheese.

Third choice was homemade honey corn dogs. This recipe came about after an experience from a local food truck. Their delicious corn dogs were served with a drizzle of honey. That little addition of sweetness was an amazing addition.

The fourth and final choice was a recipe that made my list for the top 4 breakfast recipes for 2022. These perfectly thin pancakes remind me of some pancakes I have enjoyed a few time in the Amanas at an Amish restaurant. They are are the perfect texture in between a crepe and a pancake.

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