Menu Plan Monday – Week 7

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Today’s Menu Plan Monday – Week 7 is just a revised version of week 1. I removed the grilled pizza pockets and replaced them with mini english muffin pizzas. Also instead of doubling up on the slow cooker Mexican pork, this week you double up on the Crockpot pasta sauce.  If you still have your slow cooker Mexican pulled pork in your freezer, you can remove those items needed from your shopping list and just use what you have in your freezer!  Here is what you need to remove from your shopping list this week if you are going to do that.

2 (8 oz) cans tomato sauce
chili powder
ground cumin
brown sugar, divided
cayenne pepper
3 cloves garlic
1 lb pork tenderloin

Menu Plan Monday – Week 7

  • Easy Cheesesteak Subs – This is a quick and easy dinner for those busy school nights.  These Quick and Easy Cheesesteak Subs can easily be ready in 20 minutes.
  • Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls – This uses a simple homemade teriyaki sauce. It is so easy to do and is much better than anything you can find in a bottle at the store. 
  • Mini English Muffin Pizzas – This is something I enjoyed growing up.  My mom would frequently make these mini English muffin pizzas for a quick dinner.  
  • Slow Cooker Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos – This meat is delious for tacos but can me used in just about any Mexican dish.
  • 3 Ingredient Crockpot Pasta Sauce –  double this recipe and freeze half   – recommended to serve with Herbed Garlic Bread. This simple 3 ingredient crock pot pasta sauce is a breeze to make.  Not only does it only take 3 ingredients, but it cooks in the crock pot.  
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