Menu Plan Monday – Week 21

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Here is your Menu Plan Monday – Week 21.

  • Stuffed Pork Chops – I stumbled across a recipe for stuffed pork chops.  It looked exactly like what I remember my grandmother making. The stuffing is simple and doesn’t actually get “STUFFED” inside the chops.  It just sits right on top.
  • Individual Chicken Pot Pies – This simple recipe will be a family pleaser for sure and much better than the frozen version from my childhood. I use puff pastry to top these Individual Chicken Pot Pies. However,  you could always use a regular pie crust if you prefer.
  • Monte Cristo Sandwiches – If you have never had a Monte Cristo before they are basically a combination of french toast and a grilled sandwich.  You put Swiss cheese, ham and turkey in between 2 pieces of bread. Then you dip it in an egg batter  and cook in a frying pan.  For the finish touch, you sprinkle it with a little powdered sugar and serve it with some raspberry jam on the side to dip in.   So yummy! 
  • Quick Vegetable Beef Soup – My husband told me, “now this is a vegetable beef soup I can eat”. At that point I heard a round of applause in my head.  I did it, my husband will now eat vegetable beef soup! 
  • Navajo Fry Bread for Navajo Tacos (You will need to add chili and desired toppings to your shopping list for this meal) – One or my favorite meals to have in the fall and winter seasons is Navajo tacos.  I love the chewy and crispy Navajo fry bread base topped with warm chili then piled with cheese, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, and olives.
RMK Menu Plan Week 21

Menu Plan Monday - Week 21 | realmomkitchen.com

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