May Flowers Door Hanger

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Whether you are still in need of a Mother’s Day gift or just looking for something new for your own front door, this May Flowers Door Hanger is a great option.

The supply list for this May Flowers door hanger project is pretty simple. Plus, you can make this for about $20 depending on where you purchase your items. The first thing you need is a child’s umbrella. You want it to be colorful and with a simple pattern. The child’s umbrella works because of it’s size. You also want one with that cute crooked handle since that is how you are going to hang it on the door.

Here is your supply list:

  • a child’s umbrella
  • artificial flowers (I purchased 4 different bunches)
  • 1 1/2 inch ribbon
  • 4 sheets white tissue paper
  • sturdy tape (I used clear packing tape)

I purchased a purple umbrella with polka dots off of Amazon. I know they have them at some local stores, but they may be hard to find. There is also a pink polka dot on Amazon that can be found at my local Smith’s Market place. However, this price for this umbrella was higher. Think of the umbrella as a vase.

Next, you will need some artificial flowers. Originally I was thinking I was going to go for pink, white, and purple flowers. However, when I went to buy some from my local Walmart, they had some white, yellow, purply/blue, and orange flowers. Some of them were on sale. So I went for those colors and I’m so glad I did. I think the colors turned out well with the purple and really pop on my front door. You want a variety of texture and length. You want some that will sit higher in the arrangement. I purchased what was called a bouquet, a daffodil bush, eucalyptus, and an orange wild flower.

You will also need some ribbon. I just went for white ribbon. I used 1 1/2 inch roll from Walmart. It was $1.97 and I almost used the whole roll. It had 12 feet on it. I wanted long tails hanging down from my ribbon, but you can go for shorter if you want to. My total at Walmart for the ribbon and flowers was $13.86 before tax and I did not need all of the flowers to make this.

You also need about 4 sheets of tissue paper. I used white. Also, I used a piece of packing tape to hold the ribbon in place. I had these items already at home. You will also need some wire cutters to cut the flowers to separate them. You can use scissors, but it may ruin them.

To make the door hanger, start by cutting all of the flowers to separate them using the wire cutters. Next you want to open the umbrella, but not all the way. Crumple up the 4 sheets of tissue paper and place them in the top of the umbrella, This will help to puff out that part of the umbrella. Then close the umbrella but don’t secure it with the build in tie. You don’t want it closed that tight. Use the ribbon to tie around the umbrella to keep it closed enough to put the flowers in it and secure it to the umbrella on what will be the back of the door hanger with a piece of packing tape.

Now come the fun part, the arranging of the flowers, just stick them down in the folds of the closed umbrella. Make sure to get some down right next to the umbrella and then others to be sticking out to about the same height as the handle. It’s that easy!

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