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Are you a last-minute planner? Or do you have unplanned meals with unexpected guests that pop up this time of year? For those last-minute cooks and unplanned occasions, the Martha White E-Book has been put together a free e-book of “Pretty. Quick. Holiday Ideas,” available at the link provided.

The e-book is a colorful collection of six tasty recipes, along with a handy shopping list, to print out and keep on hand for any time of year.

It includes recipes like Three Cheese and Chive Corn Pudding and the Sweet and Salty Chocolate Chip Caramel Bars, both of which incorporate muffin mixes from the pantry to create something exceptional in a flash.  

Martha White E-Book for the Holiday | realmomkitchen.com
Martha White E-Book for the Holiday | realmomkitchen.com

To help get you started, the folks at Martha White have put together a grocery tote with all of the Martha White products you’ll need to make the recipes included in the e-book for one lucky RMK reader. Just leave a comment on this post telling me if you are a last minute planner when it comes to the holidays or if you have everything in order ahead of time.  You have until Dec 31 at midnight (MST) to enter.

Contest ends December 31st at 11:59 pm MST.

One entry per person. Winner will be chosen at random. Odds of winning depend on the total number of entries. Winner will be notified by email and must claim prize within 48 hours. US residents only. Void where prohibited. Prize pack provided by Martha White.

Disclosure: I also received a prize pack.

Winner of this giveaway is Belinda Sanchez who said: “I am definitely a planner, i love to read cookbooks and try new recipes. I have picky eaters so adaptability is a MUST… I have learned to adjust to fit my families needs. LOVE free goodies to help try new things :-)”

Congrats Belinda! Watch for an email on how to claim your prize.


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  2. I am a little of both. Feel great when organized and things done ahead of time. And also end up ‘winging things at last minute.’

  3. I love to make menus and plan ahead. However, I am always flexible and will to change if someone has an idea or suggestion. I am not always on top of shopping and keeping ingredients on hand!! Happy New Year and God Bless!

  4. I’m so far behind that I’m still planning for Halloween! However, I usually am on top of things and ready a couple of weeks early. Wow, I’m slipping!

  5. I try to do things ahead of time, but there is something that always gets left for the last minute.

  6. I’m still learning to cook, plan, & prepare! Being a young new cook with babies and a Hubby I’m always getting my recipes and creating shopping lists online. So thanks so much this helps me and my family more than you guys no!! 🙂

  7. I am not too much of a baker or a chef or a planner … <3
    But I would like this to be one of my New Year's resolutions.
    I'm thinking this would be a great "springboard" for someone as "green" as me.
    Oh – By the way – I'm a "young ;o) gramma" of two 20 month old princess girls whom I'm trying to teach more than I learned.

  8. I am definately a planner, i love to read cookbooks and try new recipes. I have picky eaters so adaptablility is a MUST… I have learned to adjust to fit my families needs.
    LOVE free goodies to help try new things 🙂

  9. Definitely like to have it all done and planned out. Things don’t always go as planned, but I certainly try.

  10. As hard as I try to do things ahead there are times when you are surprised by the unexpected. . Hate when that happens 🙂

  11. I do some of both, I guess! I like to plan and think ahead, but like others have said, I always seem to forget something, or procrastinate something, so I am doing some last minute things as well.

  12. Cookbooks are great reading material. I plan but just plan too much and always seem to be doing things last minute.

  13. I read cookbooks like some people read novels. I plan my Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals all year long, making LOTS of changes along the way, as I find different recipes. Long range planner.

  14. I pretty much have everything together a head of time, but always find I’ve forgotten at least one thing!

  15. Normally I am way ahead of the game during the holidays. Shopping I’d finished early and baking I’d started. However this year things have been a bit last minute since I welcomed a baby girl on December 2.

  16. This year I am last minute on everything. I can’t get organized and haven’t gotten anything finished. My excuse is my husband was in the hospital and I am running very behind this month. Which puts me in panic mode!! Don’t know if I will get finished with everything or not. But, I would really like to have those Martha White products!! Thank you for a great giveaway!!!

  17. I really do try to plan and make a list, but I always seem to have a last run to the store . Never seem to have enough in the pantry.

  18. I’m definitely a last minute planner. I’m always sending my hubby to the grocery store for items needed to cook the meal I’m in the middle of.

  19. I have everything planned out, ready for the holiday! I am prepping some of the food the day before…I love to cook, and I always have lots of leftovers! Yum!

  20. I try to make a list & follow it, but it usually takes a wrong turn somewhere. I am almost on track this year! Have a great Christmas & New Year!

  21. I like to plan ahead, but often times it ends up being last minute when I’m actually getting the work done.

  22. I like to get things done ahead of time so I can relax and enjoy the holidays. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I like to think that I am a planner, but the sooner it gets to Christmas I am finding out that I have forgotten a couple of things.

  24. I plan ahead but right now my freezer is so full that I am going to quit planning and start using.

  25. I love to plan everything ahead of time, but often getting it done doesn’t happen until the last minute.

  26. I try to plan ahead, and sometimes succeed, but most often I’m getting things done at the last minute. There are also many times where people will let me know at the last minute that they’re in the area and will be dropping in. Also, on more than one occasion, I’ve thrown impromptu parties.

  27. I always start planning well ahead of time… menu’s..grocery shopping…cleaning. But it never fails…something totally unexpected pops up out of no where and I end up scurrying around like a rabbit with it’s tail on fire.

  28. It is very hard for me to answer this question honestly. I always start planning well ahead…even get a lot of the prep. work done. But it never fails…something unexpected pops up out of now where and I end up scurrying around like a rabbit with its tail on fire at the last minute.

  29. I’m usually very organized and have stuff planned out in advance, but this year has been a little different since I’m expecting baby #3 anytime now…makes some of the planning a little harder to do! 🙂

  30. I am a planner, but it seems like even when I plan, I always end up doing the last minute stuff instead.

  31. I like to plan it all out but something always ends up sneaking up on me…. like those darn cookies I was up until 3am baking last night!

  32. All the baking is done and frozen. Will prepare and refrierae Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve Day and cook on Christmas morning.

  33. I do plan but then life happens. Having some tried and true recipes as well as a stocked pantry and freezer make impromptu changes both fun and easy. It’s important to go with the flow around the holidays, or you simply just go nuts.

  34. I used to be so organized but then I had 5 sons and I’ve become a very last minute planner. Ugh! Maybe some day I’ll go back to how I used to be. 🙂

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