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I was recently given a challenge. I love a good challenge. A holiday’s are btter in the club challenge. I was challenged to shop at Sam’s Club to see what delicious deals and produce I can uncover for my holiday spread! Sam’s Club can really help reduce the holiday frenzy. It is a great one-stop place to get all of your holiday needs.

Before I went shopping at Sam’s Club, I had a plan.

I am a planner. Usually, I always have one get together during the holiday’s where I only serve appetizers. I find it easy for entertaining. Some items can be done a head of time and other just don’t take a lot of time or work. So I went with the theme of small bites when I went shopping.

Holiday's are Better in the Club |

First, on my list is small sandwiches for my party so I went right over to the bakery section of Sam’s. Their bakery section has 60 new bakery items. I decided to pick up some small croissants (20 count  x 2 for $5.49 each) and yeast dinner rolls (36 count for $4.38).

sam's club bakery rolls

While I was in the bakery, I saw some items I wanted to grab for dessert.

There were so many yummy choices but here is what I settled on.  I chose some mini brownie bites for $5.99 and a holiday cake ball platter for $14.98. With the brownie bites, I figured I could serve them like this cute idea I found on Pinterest with a little Santa Hat on top made from a strawberry and the cake balls were already to go. They include red velvet, chocolate and coconut.

sam's bakery dessert

I also found these great Mission green spinach tortillas in this area of Sam’s. You can get 2 packages for $4.98. So I grabbed 1 of the spinach to make these tortilla pinwheels and a regular one for another night of burritos for my family dinner. Plus, I picked up a bag of Stacy’s pita chips for $4.98. I plan on serving these with hummus.

Next, I moved over to the meat department where I found some boneless pork ribs for $1.99 p/lb. So I grabbed a package that was $11.01. I am going to use this to make shredded pork to serve on the yeast dinner rolls. Then I spotted their ready made chicken salad for $4.78 a pound. This would be one less item I would need to make but I will throw in some dried cranberries (which I have at home) to make it more festive. They make the chicken salad with their delicious rotisserie chickens. I picked up a package that was $10.13. I will serve this on the croissants.

I also snagged a shrimp tray over here for $14.98 along with some Sabra hummus for $5.98. The shrimp is already to go with cocktail sauce and I will serve up the hummus with the pita chips and some veggies.

sam's meat department

Now it was on to the produce section. Here I picked up some –
  • broccoli florets (2 lbs for $2.74)
  • sugar snap peas (24 oz for $4.78)
  • baby bell peppers (1.5 lbs. for $5.98)
  • mini carrots (3 lbs. for $2.97)
  • mini cucumbers (2 lb. for $3.98)

I will use all of these to make a veggie tray to serve with the hummus and some veggie dip (recipe is in my Real Mom Kitchen cookbook) I plan on making. They do have ready made veggie trays you can get from Sam’s but I elected to make my own. I had to get some strawberries (2 lbs. for $4.13) too for the brownie bite Santa Hats! The great thing about getting you fresh foods like produce, meat, seafood, and bakery items from Sam’s is they have a 200% guarantee. This means if you aren’t satisfied with an item purchased Sam’s Club will refund the purchase price and replace the product.

sam's produce

Over in the refrigerated section, I added some meatballs (6 lbs. for $14.98) , little smokies (3 lb. for $6.98), and cream puffs ($7.98) to my shopping cart. I plan on making sweet and savory saucy meatballs with the meatballs and my smokies with the little smokies. I also grabbed some whipping cream for $3.98. (This is for those Santa Hat Brownie Bites!)

sam's refrigerated

Last I pick up some Yoshida’s Sweet and Sour Sauce for $6.28 (used to make my smokies) along with paper products – napkins ($6.78), cups ($7.96), and plates ($9.12). So my grand total for all of my purchases before tax was 177.03. I thought that was quite good for everything I got. I will have plenty of food. Plus, it will be a stress free party.

sam's paper products

You can also pick up other items to serve up the food at your party.

I recently got the Crock-Pot entertaining system. I plan on using it for my pulled pork, meatballs, and smokies! They also have this 4 Tier Accordion Server and 5 Tier Buffet Server. Sam’s is providing a 5 Tier Buffet server for one lucky RMK reader! To enter, see the rafflecopter widget below. My good friends over at Stockpiling Moms were also given this challenge and will be sharing their post tomorrow over on their site. So pop on over tomorrow to their site to see what they did and have another change to win a great giveaway!

Sams Club Brittany Buffet Server

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was given a $250 gift card to Sam’s Club for my participation, but as always my opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. i buy gifts months ahead of time. i make sure we all have plenty of time off work and school. i make sure i am as organized as possible and i also remember that it’s not the end of the world if things don’t go accordingly.

  2. I make lists to keep myself on track, shop online to avoid the crowds, and try to do as much as possible ahead of time.

  3. Well, this year I’m not doing very well with avoid the holiday frenzy! One thing that helps me distress is getting outside for a walk in the fresh air every day. It may seem like a waste of valuable time, but it helps to reenergize and focus. Also make lists.

  4. I make lists and gone over it at least 4 times. List making makes me feel more in control and I tend to do it for everything. lol