My First Stitch Fix – Fashion Friday

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Have you ever wished you had you own personal stylist to pick and buy clothing for you that work for your body type and style? Well, Stitch Fix does just that. I don’t normally blog about clothing or fashion , but I had heard about Stitch Fix from other bloggers. I decided to give it a try myself! It sounded like such a fun concept. I decided to share my experience with all of you.

With Stitch Fix, you fill out a style profile to help their stylists know what to select for you.

The profile includes for height, weight, bra size, dress size along with what size you usually buy in shirts and pants/skirts. They also ask questions like how you like your clothing to fit, if you are curvy, and how you would characterize your clothing style. You can even include a link to a board on Pinterest. Then they can visually see what styles and clothing you like.

They really are quite thorough with your style profile in oder to get a good sense of what your personal style is. They also ask for price points on what you are willing to pay for certain items. For jewelry and accessories, I selected the cheaper the bette. I placed a price of $50-$100 for my tops, bottoms and dresses.

After your profile is complete, you select when you want to receive your fix.

You can have it come once a month or just when you want it. You also pay a $20 styling fee per fix. However, the great thing is if you choose to keep any item from your fix, the $20 styling fee is applied toward your purchase. I set myself up to receive them monthly for now. I want to get a good feel for their service, plus it helps them get a better idea of what I like by getting a monthly package and getting more feedback.

Each Stitch Fix package comes with 5 items selected by a Stitch Fix Stylist, just for you. Waiting for my first package was like it was waiting for Christmas as a child. I couldn’t wait to see what was in my package. It arrive on the exact day that I specified.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised with my first fix. So here is what they sent.

First up, a Blue and Green Link Print Button Up Blouse for $48.00.

I wasn’t too sure of the print just looking at in in the box. I kind of liked it once I put it on. However, the type of sleeve on this blouse was not something I cared for.  I don’t like showing a lot of arm and this sleeve was showing too much for my preference.

Blue Pattern Blouse
Next, was a Red Bilson Silk Pleated Tabsleeve Blouse for $78.00.

I also liked this blouse but thought it was a little on the pricey side. Plus, it was a tad too tight through the chest. It pulled ever so slightly at the pleats.

Red Blouse
My third item was a Grey Breyson Slit-Neck Tab Sleeve knit top for $58.00.

I don’t think I would have picked it for my self just seeing it in a store, but when I tried it on I loved it. It fit just right and was extremely soft and comfy. I felt it was a little high in price for a knit top, but kept it. The piece was something I haven’t seen before or would have picked myself.

Grey Shirt
Next was a Orange Makayla Crochet Knit Open Cardigan for $68.00.

I was in love with the color when I first saw it in my box. I thought it would be perfect for fall. The length and fit was something I loved, except it was a little too tight on my upper arms. Since it didn’t fit perfectly I decided not to keep it.

Orange Sweater
Last was a pair of Kensie Malin Bootcut Jeans for $98.00.

My first thought was they probably aren’t going to fit. It is very rare that I can pick a pair of jeans going just by the size. I think I should wear and have them fit. Unless, I know the brand the size is never consistent from one brand to another. When I tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised. These jeans fit me perfectly. It was like they were made just for me! They looked good on and were amazingly comfortable.

They also have the type of waist that prevents that “gap in the back” I get with other types of jeans.

The price for these was a bit high for me but comparable to what a pair of designer or boutique jeans would be. And I mean they fit like they were made for just me. So I was willing to give them a shot. You all know how hard it is to find the right kind of jean. We will see how they hold up and hope they are worth the price.

The other great thing about each item is they each come with a style card that gives you a couple of ideas on how to wear each item.

There is usually a way to dress it up or dress it down. They are in a nice plastic sleeve and the sleeve has punched holes in them. I am going to keep all of my style cards on a binder ring.

Styling Card

One thing I must point out is if you decide to keep all 5 items sent to you, you do get a 25 percent discount. My cost, if I chose to keep all of my items, was $247.50. I didn’t think that was too bad for items that you won’t just find anywhere and were higher quality items. If I was going to keep 3 items it probably would have been just as much as keeping all five with the discount. So if I was on the fence it is definitely worth keeping all of the items.

Sending items back is really easy.

There is a prepaid and pre-addressed return envelope to send back any item you don’t want. You go on line to close out your order by selecting the items you want to keep and giving feedback on each item sent.  I can’t wait to see what comes in my next package. Also, I moved up my next shipment date so I can receive my package before leaving on a trip I have planned. I am hoping to get a few new items to take with me. You can always let your stylist know of any upcoming trips, parties etc you would like items for.

I am liking the #StitchFix experience so far. I will keep you updated each month on my new fix and how the items I keep are holding up.

Disclosure: I was not compensated at all for my post. I chose to try and pay for Stitch Fix on my own. I do, however, get credit for referrals. If you choose to try Stitch Fix yourself, please sign up from the links I provided in my post so I can get credit for the referral.

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