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Fab Fave items for an Apple Cider Bar

by Laura

Today’s Fab Five is a fun idea to do throughout the holiday’s – a hot apple cider bar.  Two years ago, I shared how to do a hot cocoa bar.  This year I saw an idea for a hot apple cider bar on Studio 5 and had to share the idea with all of you.
#1 – you have to start off with a yummy hot apple cider.  I recommend my hot apple cider recipe I shared a few weeks ago.  Keep the cider warm by using a hot beverage dispenser or a crock pot.

#2 –  you need some flavored syrups like Torani and regular old amaple syrup.  Pick flavors that would go well with the cider like pumpkin spice, creme caramel, or white.

#3 – get some ice cream.  I recommend going for a higher quality ice cream.  You will only need a small scoop for each cup.  Again pick ice cream flavors that will pair well the cider like dulce de leche, rum raisin, or butter pecan.

#4 – then you need some whipped cream.  Offer several different flavors like vanilla, maple, and cinnamon.

#5 – you need those finishing touches like cinnamon sticks, apple slices and caramel ice cream topping to drizzle over the cream.  Now you have a fancy schmancy gourmet hot apple cider bar.  For more ideas and flavor combos for the drinks you can check out the recipes and video from Studio 5.

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