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I am excited about a new line of  Bakeware from Chinet that is disposable and made from 90% recycled materials.  So, I have a Chinet Giveaway to share. You can use the dish just like any other baking dish – oven, freezer, microwave (minus the lid)…and you can leave it behind if you’re going to a party, or dropping off food for a friend. These first disposable baking dishes are all in one attractive, non-stick pans.  It’s great for busy people who make their meals ahead!

With the holiday baking season upon us, the Bakeware is very helpful with the ease of prep, transporting, and clean-up during an otherwise busy time of year! It is also perfect for holiday entertaining.  You can make you cherished dishes with out all the clean up.

Chinet Giveaway |
Chinet Giveaway |

They come in 4 sizes:

Square Pan 8x8x2 (2qts) – Ideal for homemade desserts like fruit cobbler and fudge brownies, this pan fits as easily into the microwave as it does into your table decor.

Rectangular Pan 9x13x2 (3.5qts) – Prepare a family-style casserole or bake your favorite pasta dish in this large, sturdy rectangular pan. It serves a sizable party or stores a week’s worth of leftovers.

Large Oval Pan 7x11x2 (2 qts) -The large oval pan is perfect for a hearty meal of chicken and rice or a pot roast with potatoes.

Small Oval Pan 7.25×9.25×2 (1.5qts) – Cook a squash casserole or serve a sweet potato soufflé in our small oval pan. It’s just the right size for a vegetable side item or an entrée for two.

Chinet has provided a giveaway for one RMK reader to test out the new bakware.  The giveaway will include one of each size of pan.  To enter, leave a comment on how you would use one of these dishes.  You have until Wednesday Nov 16  at midnight (MST) to enter.


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