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Best Products for Cleaning Floors


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Today, I am continuing my cleaning recommendations and we are talking the best products for cleaning floors.

Everyone needs a vacuum. Over the years, I have tried several. I have tried expensive brands to less expensive brands. I have tried vacuums you pick up at the store and ones from a door to door sales company. After these years with all different kinds, hands down, I would now get a Shark vacuum whenever I need one.

This Shark Rotator is my favorite. The vacuum itself is awesome, but the thing I love the most about this one is the detail tools that are included.  You can use it to clean all of those dusty nooks and crannies that are just so darn hard to clean. In my book, a Shark vacuum is the only way to go.

For my tile and laminate floors, I either vacuum or use a dry Swiffer first. This gets rid of the hair and dust. Between my daughter and I along with our dog, there is plenty of hair to be cleaned up in my house. Hair is my nemesis when it comes to cleaning! After getting that all taken care of it’s time for the cleaner.

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I use a Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit along with Bona floor cleaner for stone, tile, and laminate to clean my tile and laminate floors.  If you have hardwood floors they also have a cleaner for them too. The floor cleaner is another one that I get from Home Depot. Then, I just place it in the container on the mop for the cleaner.

I love the Rubbermaid Reveal because it has easy to change velco pads and the mop has a sprayer for the cleaner right on it. It also has a little scouring pad you can flip over to use for any spots that may need a little extra help to clean. It’s awesome!

Now, sometimes though, you just need to get in with a good deep clean. Nothing beats getting down on your knees for a good deep clean. In this case, I add a couple of Tablespoons of Pinesol to the bottom of a bucket and then fill with warm water. Then I use a Zwipes microfiber cloth and clean away on my hands and knees. It looks beautiful and smells so clean!



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Dee October 26, 2016 - 12:39 pm

How long have you been using the Rubbermaid mop?
Could be a better answer than Swiffer, easy but really doesn’t do a good job.

Grace October 26, 2016 - 8:34 am

Will you be giving a photo tour of your new home? I’m so excited for you!