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Best Main Dishes of 2020

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Now we are getting to the main meal! Today is the best main dishes of 2020. It’s a good round up. There is beef, chicken, pork and a meatless dish.

The first main dish is instant pot meatloaf. This meal also includes a side dish of mashed potatoes. This recipe is one that my oldest son and his wife now make all they time. They love it and the 40 minutes time frame in the Instant Pot works great for them with a busy work and school schedule.

Best Main Dishes of 2020 | realmomkitchen.com

Next up is a one pot creamy rigatoni. It takes only 7 ingredients to make and is ready to go in about 30 minutes. I love how easy one pot meals are to clean up. This is a delicious meatless meal.

Third is these yummy bbq chicken totadas. This recipe helped me discover that homemadd tostada shells made with store bought corn shells and much better that those ready to use crispy tostada shells you can buy at the store. Another bonus with this recipe is it only takes 5 ingredients to make.

The last recipe for the best main dishes of 2020 is a suculent pork tenderloin with mushrrom gravy. I LOVE mushrooms so this dish is awesome for me. The rest of my family hates mushroom. So I just serve up their gravy for them avoiding the mushroom The are quartered so they are easy enough to avoid. Then, I get all the mushrooms for myself which I don’t mind at all!

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