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Best Appetizers of 2014

by Laura

It’s that time again, to count down to the new year with the best recipes of 2014. We are beginning with what most parties begin with – the best appetizers of 2014. This is always one of my favorite times. I love taking a look back. It reminds me of all the tasty discoveries I had this year!

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No Drip Chocolate Dip – Ok, technically this could be considered desert. However, we are talking fruit and a dip. So I am putting this in the appetizer category. I love this tasty dip. I mean how can you loose – IT’S CHOCOLATE.

Simple Lemon Fruit Dip – Lemon is also another great compliment to fruit. It just brings out that fresh flavor. This dip also doubles as a great filling for things like crepes.

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms – Stuffed mushrooms are a favorite appetizer for me and the fact that these are so easy, there is no reason not to make them.

Enjoy these best appetizers of 2014.


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