Wisconsin and Johnsonville Sausage

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Wisconsin and Johnsonville Sausage – Last week I got to take off for a quick trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin courtesy of Johnsonville Sausage for their “Kitchen-to-Kitchen” blogger event.  It is always great to get to have a little get away and get to do something I love.

On Wednesday morning, I headed out bright and early to the airport.  I was up at 3 am to make a 6 am flight.  I was headed on a plane to Chicago and then from Chicago to Milwaukee.  My flight out of Salt Lake was delayed slightly, but only due to the need for the plane de-iced before take off.  Luckily the pilot was able to make up the time for us.

So I arrived in Chicago and headed to my gate for my flight to Milwaukee.

 By the way, the Chicago airport has some awesome toilets in their airport.  If you are ever there check them out.  That may be TMI but they really are cool.

Anyway, my gate for my flight to Milwaukee was in another concourse. So I made my way through the lovely airport.  When I got to my gate, the man at the counter asked me if I was headed to Milwaukee.  I proceeded to tell him yes but noted that my flight wasn’t for a while.  I had over an hour wait.

He then asked to see my boarding pass which I handed right over.  Next he asked me if  I wanted to leave right now?  I said why not, I don’t want to hang out in an airport longer than I need to.  So he handed me my boarding pass and told me to go hop on the plane right then.  Apparently, there was an earlier flight to Milwaukee than had been delayed and it was almost ready to take off.  Lucky me, I got to Milwaukee in a jiffy.

The flight to Milwaukee is really short.  Once you are in the air, you are up there for like 10 minutes and then it is time to land.

After landing, I headed to the baggage claim area to get my ride to the hotel.  I was able to ride along with Stacy from Mom Central.  It is always better to have someone to visit with in the car.

Our ride to the hotel was quick.  

We were staying at the Iron Horse Hotel, very cool.  It is exactly what you would think of for a hotel with a name like Iron Horse.  It was rustic yet contemporay, loved it.

Before heading to our rooms.  Stacy and I joined Nicole and Christine who were with the event for some lunch at the Smyth right in the hotel.  I ordered their portabella mushroom sandwich.  It consisted of an oven roasted portabella topped with grilled asparagus, roasted red peppers, and our house made boursin cheese.  It was DIVINE!  The cheese is what really made that sandwich.  I mean if your in Wisconsin ya gotta eat something with cheese, right?  I will remember that sandwich fondly.

So after lunch, I went to my room to get settled.  It was awesome.  Plus, I had a fablous gift waiting for me in my room, it contained some wonderful items from Johnsonville, included some of their new deli bites.  They are delish, I could eat the whole package in one sitting. Mmmmm.

We all got to head to a local spa for spa treatments in the afternoon.  We went to the Well Spa at the Pfister Hotel.  I got a massage.  It was WONDERFUL and well needed.  I can’t tell you when I last had a massage.  We were all very RELAXED after our visit there.

I will share more about my trip with you all tomorrow and I will be posting the yummy recipes I tried while I was there all this week.  Today’s is sausage stuffed mushrooms! Be sure to check them out.

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