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So as we were in the process of building my new home, I was on the look out for a new dining room table. My current one at the time was oak and really wasn’t going to fit with my new white kitchen with grey walls and black accents.

My Old Dining Room Table |

My New Home - Dining Room Table |

So I looked around, unable to find what I was looking for. Then I discovered a local company on Facebook called Home 2 Home Boutique. They would refinish and custom furniture. Now I could have given them my oak table and chairs and had them paint them. However,  I really was looking for a different style of table than what I currently had.

Home 2 Home Boutique

Home 2 Home is constantly having new inventory. I was watching their Facebook page to find just what I was looking for. One day I found it. This beauty, it was exactly the style of dining table I was looking for my new home. However, it was not finished the way I wanted it yet, but that is no problem. Whitney and Michael from Home 2 Home will customize the table to how you want it.

So I asked them to paint the base of the table and chairs white. Then stain the table top and seats of the chairs black. No problem! It will just take them a bit to get it finished because they have a lot of projects they are working on.

Dining Room Table in progress |

Dining Room Table in progress |

I must say I was so thrilled to get a message from Whitney. She sent pictures of my table while they were working on it. I was so excited to see the finished product in person. It was exactly what I wanted!

Dining Room Table in progress |

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  1. I really liked your new table in its original state and couldn’t imagine why you’d want to change it, but it looks great! I have no eye for design/color…it’s so fun to get a peek into how beautiful homes like yours come together!