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Today’s cookbook review is the Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook.  One of the first cookbooks I ever owned was a Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook and one of the first books I got when I was married was Better Homes and Gardens.  I still have my junior cookbook and use it today.  The retail price of this book is $16.95 but I did see it for $11.53 on Amazon.  I was able to find it at my local library and check it out from there.

Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook | realmomkitchen.com

The Junior Cookbook now a day is quite different than the version I had.  I think it is even better now.

Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook | realmomkitchen.com
Old Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook | realmomkitchen.com
What I like about this cookbook:
  • Spiral bound – I always prefer a spiral bound cookbook especially for kids.  I am finding most of the kids cookbooks get it and are spiral bound. You need it to lay flat so you can see the recipe and stay on the page you are cooking from.  The version I have is not spiral bound.
  • Basics Section – This cookbook begins with a basics section that has a lot of great info for a beginner – your recipe for success, measure it right, know the lingo, know the tools, start with safety, keeping your food safe, setting the table, meal planning, mind you manners, eat well, play hard, and food label facts.
  • Regular Categories – I love the categories of recipes in this book – breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert, and celebrate.
  • The Recipes – The recipes are great for beginners.  They also gave them fun names for the kids like Fifi’s French Toast and Top-Secret Wraps.
  • Instructions – The instructions are well written for a beginner and are very detailed.  They also include some illustrated visuals as part of the instructions. They also include both an ingredient list and utensils list.
  • Prep and Cook times – the recipes each include prep and bake times which I feel is a must for a kid’s cookbook.
  • Photos – each recipe includes a photo plus they added illustrations to the photos to make them extra fun for the kids.
  • Nutrition info included with each recipe – this is great if you are a family who needs to count calories.  It is also a good way to teach about nutrition.
  • Serve with suggestions – some recipes even give suggestions of items to serve with the recipes.  For example, a smoothie recipe in the breakfast sections suggests to serve it with a slice of toast and your favorite cereal.
Items I am neutral about:
  • I didn’t have anything.
The downside:
  • Adult Help – there is no quick reference way to know what recipes require adult help.  I like it when I cookbook tells you exactly when an adult needs to be around.

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  1. I loved this cookbook when I was s kid!! It made me feel so grown up to have my own cookbook. 🙂 Unfortunately mine got lost during a move and I haven’t found another from the 1979 era. Is there anyway you can send me the recipe for the apple coffee cake with sour cream? I used to make that all the time for my family. ;). Thank you for sharing your memories!