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French Toast Souffle

by Laura

Recently, on Good Things Utah (a local tv show) they had Tami Vincent from Kneader’s Bakery share a recipe for French Toast Souffle. Kneader’s is this wonderful bakery/restaurant here in Utah. I like to go there and have their turkey cranberry croissant sandwich. It’s a very yummy place to go.
Now, this recipe originally called for a loaf of Kneader’s chunky cinnamon bread. Knowing that a lot of my readers can’t get a loaf of Kneader’s bread, when I made this recipe, I made it with a loaf of cinnamon bread from my local Smith’s grocery store bakery. I got a loaf that hadn’t been sliced. I think it work just fine.
This recipe is up at the top of my list when it comes to baked french toast recipes. My favorite part of this was the cream cheese, butter, syrup mixture that you put on the top. It turned out to be all caramel like and ooey-gooey. That was so yummy. I also served mine with fresh strawberries which also added to the flavor. It helped balance out all the sweetness in this french toast. YUM! You’ll also see why this recipe has the word souffle in the title. This really puffs up in the oven. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to put a baking sheet under you dish to prevent a mess in your oven.
French Toast Souffle | realmomkitchen.com

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French Toast Souffle



  • 8 oz cream cheese softened
  • 1 cube butter
  • 1 cup maple syrup (I just used pancake syrup)
  • 1 1oaf of cinnamon bread (from your local bakery)
  • 12 eggs
  • 2 cups half/half (I used 1 cup cream and 1 cup skim milk)
  • 1 tsp vanilla (more if you like)


  1. In a microwave safe bowl, add the cream cheese, butter, and maple syrup. Microwave for 30 seconds and beat until smooth.
  2. Cut bread into 1 ½ inch pieces and put in a 9 by 11 inch baking pan.Then pour cream cheese mixture over the top of the bread.
  3. In a large bowl, add eggs, half and half, and vanilla. Beat until frothy, pour over cinnamon bread in pan. You can place in the fridge over night or bake immediately.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 60 minutes. Dust with powder sugar, fruit, or syrup. (I did all three) Serve hot. Serves12.
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This is the original photo from this post. The above photo was updated in May 2015.

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Gina April 3, 2010 - 5:39 pm

I just found your site today and I am so excited to try this recipe. I am making it for brunch tomorrow, with some substitutions. I am using french bread instead of cinnamon, strawberry cream cheese instead of plain, and strawberry syrup instead of maple syrup. I am hoping it turns out well!

preparednesspro June 2, 2009 - 2:50 pm

I’ve seen a similar recipe posted at https://gourmetmomma.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/stuffed-french-toast-casserole/ another favorite food blog of mine. Both look really good! Love the touch of strawberries.


She-Mulk June 2, 2009 - 8:51 am

I made this for a ladies retreat and everyone LOVED it! They all requested the recipe and I referred them to your site. Thanks so much! You made me look good in front of my friends!

Melody May 19, 2009 - 6:01 pm

My sister raved about this. She had her hubby and kids make it for Mother’s Day breakfast. Looks delicious!

Claudine May 19, 2009 - 3:31 pm

I’m so glad you posted this recipe! I had something very similar at a baby shower brunch a few weeks ago and have been craving it ever since but couldn’t find a recipe online! Thank you, I’ll be making this soon!

Sara May 19, 2009 - 2:30 pm

Yum! Looks great Laura! This would be great for a brunch! Thanks!

Kara May 19, 2009 - 10:01 am

Looks fabulous, especially with the strawberries! I think cream cheese makes everything yummy, so I can’t wait to try this.

My Sister's Kitchen May 19, 2009 - 8:20 am

Looks delicious. I’ll have to try this one.

Annemarie May 19, 2009 - 8:10 am

Oh man…this looks amazing. I LOVE that bread from Smith’s as is…I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for sharing this recipe!!!

The Cooking Photographer May 19, 2009 - 8:06 am

This looks wonderful and goooooooey!

Barbara Bakes May 19, 2009 - 7:49 am

I love Kneaders too! This sounds wonderful!

ladyblueberry48 May 19, 2009 - 7:40 am

I’m curious what the cream cheese adds to the flavor after it’s baked. Does it make the dish at all cheesy like a cheese danish?

Maria May 19, 2009 - 7:12 am

What a treat! This is perfect for weekends!


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