Fab Five Summer Salads

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To finish up our summer salad week, I have put together a fab five post of hearty salads from my archives.  I really love to eat salads especially during the summer for my meals.  I just wish my family was more on board with the concept.  They only like salad as a side to a dish.  However, since you aren’t my family I put together 5 recipes that I love and can take on the role of main dish.

 This Rice A Roni Chicken Salad is a fun twist for a salad.  This salad is cold that uses Rice A Roni as the base.  I love the flavor along with the tender pieces of chicken and mushrooms.

Rice A Roni Chicken Salad perfect for summer

This is an oldie but a goodie.  I shared it during my first year of blogging.  This Fiesta Chicken Pasta Salad is different that your usual pasta salad.  The beans and chicken in this along with the pasta will definitely fill your bellies.

This Tex Mex Frito Salad does not contain meat but is still filling with the addition of two types of beans.  You can eat it as your main dish or use it as a side.  It is a great one to take to a bbq!

This Hearty Eight Layered Salad looks pretty and is great to make ahead.  You can put this together the night before for dinner the following night.  This is also a good one to take to a bbq.

This last one does not contain meat or beans but you can always add some chicken if you want to.  This Cran Orange Almond Salad is another one I could eat all the time. I hope you enjoyed these Fab Five Summer Salads.

cran-orange almond salad 2

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