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This year, Butterball is embracing the new Thanksgiving table as the whole family plays a larger role in preparation for the meal – providing recipes to please everyone in the family and tips to get everyone involved.


Butterball Turkey Giveaway | realmomkitchen.com

Each year my Thanksgiving is spent with my family or my husband’s family and we each help with the meal by bringing a dish. This year is with my family and I will be bring orange rolls to my moms. I love that I can make the dough the night before. Then in the morning, I just shape the rolls and let them raise while I get tother things done.

I also remember as a girl getting to sleep over at my grandma’s house the night before Thanksgiving.

We would get what we could done that night and then I would be there in the morning to help with the rest of the meal preparation. It is one of my best memories with my grandma. This is something I would love to do when I am a grandma. Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday. I love that it is all about family, food, and showing gratitude.

Brown Bag Turkey Dinner

I have a Butterball Turkey Giveaway for 2 lucky RMK readers for Thanksgiving. Each will get a $20 turkey certificate. I love to use Butterball turkeys. The really can be placed in the oven just with some salt and pepper and turn out amazing. However, they are even better if you want to do something a little more fancy. See the rafflecopter widget below to enter.

Not only does Butterball make a great turkey, they have been helping folks out with their Thanksgiving meal for years.

Their Turkey Talk-Line experts are available to answer your Thanksgiving meal questions, share ways to save, or to gobble up any turkey-day cooking myths. I used them before when trying to deep fry a turkey.  They were right there to help me out.

You can also go to Butterball’s website to plan the perfect amount of servings you need in their perfect portion planner.  Just plug in the amount of adults and kids you plan on serving into the planner. There are boxes you can check to say we want leftovers, we are big eaters, or we are light eaters. Then, it will tell you the size of turkey you need along with the amount of stuffing.  So simple.  They also have video guides on topics such as how to thaw or carve.

thanksgiving sides

Usually, I have a week of recipes planned to share with all of you before Thanksgiving. However, I just wasn’t up to it this year. We have had our home torn apart to up grade carpet, tile, and paint. I have been lucky just to get dinner on the table. I do have a round up of great recipes for Thanksgiving that you can check out and use to plan your feast for this year.

Check out Butterball on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Butterball.com. Ehter the Butterball Turkey Giveaway below.

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  1. We were actually going over the menu today; I always like to ask everyone if there’s anything special they want me to make each year. I’m lucky because my family usually helps with the cooking a lot too.

  2. My kids love to help plan and pick their favorite traditions. My husband cooks the turkey on his grill and it turns out amazing!

  3. Sometimes I make the whole meal myself, and invite co-workers who can’t get off and don’t have family close by. Other times I go to an extended family potluck and bring a couple of sides and one or two desserts.

  4. Sometimes I make the whole meal, often for people I work with who can’t get off for Thanksgiving and don’t have family close by. Sometimes I go to a family potluck – I usually bring a side or two and one or two desserts.

  5. I’m a firm believer of too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the pot. I actually enjoy cooking a huge dinner, I let everyone clean up after wards, which since I clean up as I go there really isn’t much of mess.

  6. The only involvement I usually get… is by asking them what they “especially” would like me to cook. AND I go from there — that’s usually it.

  7. I involve everyone in the prep. We also tend to divide up dishes, and make some dishes ahead, so sometimes one person will do a dish, or we’ll all make one together a day or two beforehand.

  8. We all pitch in on big holiday meals–with side dishes, bread, desserts, whatever the hosts ask for. It’s fun to see what everyone brings, and it’s always delicious. Thanks!

  9. I usually have family members bring side meals and then throughout the day we bring up different things we are thankful for. Love Thanksgiving!

  10. Our friends with no family all come to our house and we all form a new one! Good food and love, that’s all we need!

  11. Each of my grown children bring at least 1 dish. The grand kids each help with decorating and setting the table. Our tradition has always been after our meal we watch a movie together. All of 12 of use plas any extras we pick up

  12. Everyone in my family has their job, my aunts do the turkey gravy and potatoes. my mom does the noodles and I do the bread

  13. My daughter and granddaughter help make the stuffing. Turkey is done by the hosts house and everyone else brings pot luck.

  14. When dinner is at Dad and Mom’s,, we always buy Butterball..i bought one years ago when they had a big sale on them,, and have been a big fan ever since..My daughter hosted our thanksgiving dinner the last 2 years..the first dinner i got a call..”Momma,, what is that yummy turkey you always get????”….Butterball has a new fan..lol..and believe it or not,, after cooking the big traditional meal,, my favorite part is the cold turkey sandwich the day after..sandwich in one hand,, cold dressing in the other..droooooool!!!!!

  15. My grandma and I always plan thanksgiving together. We plan time, turkey, dessert, and everyone else chimes in their choice of sides. Except for stuffing- that’s mandatory!

  16. A few times we have had a family Thanksgiving progressive dinner where we go to different family members homes for the appetizers, the salad, main course and dessert. It was a lot of fun being in everyone’s home, we were able to digest a little before having more and we loved being together!

  17. I think it’s great to have everyone bring something. You need to have the normal stuff, but having some extras that are just good food is great too!

  18. My kids love to help make the rolls and pies and the husband is awesome and helping out with brining the turkey! Mom needs all the help she can get :).

  19. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, and I hope your home improvement projects get done quickly. I’m sure you’ll love them when they’re done.

  20. As a military family we are often away from our family during Thanksgiving, so we invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers that are also not able to be with their families to our house! Everyone brings something to contribute, and we spend the day cooking, laughing, and eating with our eclectic “family for the day”!

  21. My sister and I get together the night before Thanksgiving to prepare for the holiday. We have so much fun laughing while we get everything ready. It’s one of my favorite traditions and something I’m very thankful for. We love Butterball turkeys and their consistent quality.

  22. My family does potluck. We name all the dishes we want and each person makes something. It is always yummy and fun

  23. We take turns hosting and everyone brings different dishes. One thing that we can always count on is a moist turkey from Butterball. Thanks

  24. I have my kids help me with simple things like putting out the relish dish or setting the table. I think they are more excited that way.

  25. I’ve never hosted a thanksgiving meal, so I’m the one that gets assigned things, instead of doing the assigning. BUT, this year I might me in charge of the turkey! Never done it before, will definitely need the turkey help line!

  26. Love butterball turkey! Plus I love that my husband prepares the turkey and stuffing. My children and cook the rest of the meal.

  27. my mom does the main dishes turkey, stuffing, and we assign all the other sides out. Everyone helps doing the dishes! I love Thanksgiving

  28. My mom usually cooks everything but the past few Yeats we have gotten dinner from Kroger big star or cracker barrel so mom does not have to cook. It is not important who cold the meal what is important is spending time with your family

  29. We trade back and forth each year between my side of the family and my husband’s family. This will be my first Thanksgiving without my mom – she always did the turkey.

  30. We do a 5k together and sometimes do a brunch afterwards for the family that we aren’t going to that year for Thanksgiving dinner.

  31. everyone brings a dish then we all gather in the kitchen to pull it together then sit, pray, eat, & laugh, great times!

  32. I enjoy making the Thanksgiving feast for my whole family. This year my sons girlfriend will be helping out with making the pies. Can’t wait to enjoy the food! YUM!

  33. I do the turkey and a couple of dishes but everyone brings their ‘famous’ recipe dish. It’s truly feast!! Thanks for the chance!

  34. I love to have my girls home from college and in the kitchen cooking with me. Meal making is much more fun with everyone!

  35. My daughters love to each make their favorite dish just they way they like it. I have my husband prepare the turkey for the oven. My 3 yo grandblessings get to put napkins on the table. My mom makes the dressing and her wonderful cream pies. Then I get make my favorite things and yeast rolls.

  36. We all bring a few dishes to my moms house and then she isn’t stuck with everything. The kids make place settings so that everyone has little cup of nuts to know where to sit.

  37. My mom and I keep simpler dishes for the menfolk and kids to make. They love being our tastetesters and we try to ge t their input on what new dishes and/or ingredients they would like to try.

  38. Whoever is hosting (we take turns in my family) makes the turkey and everyone else brings a dish. This way everyone can enjoy the dinner.

  39. Everyone has a part they are responsible for: creating the place setting, setting the table, party favors, each person bring a food item.

  40. Every year, we all take on the tasks we are best at doing — this year, for instance, my daughter will set the table.

  41. I love Thanksgiving. I have more happy memories of different years with friends or family than any other holiday. I miss my Uncle Sam who was a butcher and always carved the turkey. A cold dark meat sandwich is THE perfect leftover!

  42. We will visit my 91 year old father in law and take him and a friend out to eat on Thanksgiving, giving thanks that he is still able to join us.

  43. We split up the dishes between all the families that come, makes it easier on the hostess and it’s fun for everyone to bring their faves.

  44. It’s just my husband, myself, and our not-quite two year old, but we plan our Thanksgiving meal several weeks in advance. It always HAS to include sweet potato casserole (my mom’s recipe!). Our son loves to help and imitate us, so I have a feeling he’s going to have a lot of fun helping us get Turkey Day dinner ready with us!

  45. We divide up the dishes and try to make it easy on everyone. This year I’m hosting so wish me luck!