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Best Breakfast of 2014

by Laura

If you are in need of something to make for everyone to wake up to on New Years Day, well then consider these best breakfast of 2014 recipes. Or just enjoy these sometime during the holiday break.

These are what I found to be the best breakfast recipes that I shared this year. I love to have a great big breakfast and just forget about lunch. I just love waking up and sharing an amazing breakfast with my family.

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Almond French Toast Hearts with Almond Butter– almond extract is my new secret ingredient to use when making french toast. I love the buttery flavor that the extract adds! The almond butter just adds even more goodness to this dish. The cute heart shape just makes it fun.

Waffled French Toast with Strawberry Butter– can’t decide between waffles and french toast for breakfast? Then try this fun new way to cook your french toast in a waffle maker! Oh, and don’t forget the tasty strawberry butter with this.

Blackberry Syrup – I don’t know why, but blackberries are amazing and this syrup showcases their amazingness! This syrup is tasty over about any breakfast item, but I especially love it on croissant french toast! Can you tell that I really like french toast?

Wake up to the best breakfast of 2014!

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