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Best Breakfast of 2013

by Laura

Today is the first day of my countdown to the New Year with the Best Recipes of 2013. We begin with how your day should begin – with breakfast. Here are the Best Breakfast of 2013.

Best Breakfast of 2013

Going Clockwise here they are:

Kneaders French Toast – This in my copy cat version of a delicious French Toast I love to order at a local Bakery. I get the bread from the actual bakery to recreate it but any cinnamon bread will work. I love that this one is made ahead of time.

Streusel Topped French Toast Bake  – This is my new favorite Breakfast casserole. I have made this numerous times this year. It is another good one that is made ahead of time and the streusel topping is really what makes this one so darn good!

Breakfast Corn Dogs – I love homemade corn dogs so why not a breakfast version?  Pancake mix makes these easy to put together the family loves them. I like to use a maple sausage when I make them.


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