What to Watch for Summer – Elementary and more

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My husband and I usually watch a TV show and the news each night before going to bed. We usually have enough to fill our time from October to May. However, when Summer rolls around we usually are searching for something on Netfix to watch. So I’m gonna share with you what to watch for summer.

We absolutely love the BBC version on Sherlock on PBS, so we thought we would check out the CBS version called Elementary. The only place we could find it for a reasonable price in on the Netflix DVD program. We usually only have the streaming plan with Netflix, but usually add the DVD during the summer.

So I upped our plan to include DVD’s and ordered the 1st disc of season 1 from them. We have now watched all of disc one which includes the pilot along with the first 3 episodes.


At first I wasn’t sure about what a thought of Johnny Lee Miller at first as Sherlock. Since when I think of Sherlock I think of

However, after a couple of episodes, I warmed up to him and the modern day United States take on the character. I was however completely in love with Lucy Lui as Joan Holmes from the get go! I can’t wait now for the next disc to arrive. Most definitely worth checking out.

If you still need some other TV shows to help get you through the summer check out some of these that I just LOVE! Some of these shows are no longer in production but well worth going back through them.

What do you suggest to watch?

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  1. We are watching and really enjoying the show Blue Bloods. It has 4 seasons on Netflix. Great cop show that revolves around a strong family. I highly recommend it!